your not a monster your human(gaara love story)

your not a monster your human(gaara love story)

Name : kiyo atamaki
Age :13 years old
Birthday :may 24
Surviving Relatives :twin brother (kito atamaki), cousin (ichago)
Story : you were so sweet and were loved by everyone in the hidden cloud day your cousin attacked the village to the point where no one was don't know where your brother is or where yourcousin is.sense age six you've been alone and feared by the world because of the demon sealed inside you from birth!

Chapter 2

could this be the one person...that i could trust :Gaara of the dessert

by: _Terbear_
kiyos p.o.v

I got the guts to walkup to him and introduce myself.
"Hey,the names kiyo atamaki you must be from the sand village. "
He looked shocked that I even spoke to him.He starred at me for about five seconds.

"I'm gaara of the desert "

I looked at him shocked. He had an amazing voice.
"Iv herd of you .so your the famous gaara huh? I can tell that ill like you "

He stood there amazed.he probably expect me to run or screem or worst of all call him a monster.I know what its like to be feared and hated..its..lonely.
"If you herd of me than why wont you run away like everyone else? Why don't you scream and cry to have mercy on your soul? "He asked confused
"Because I'm not the type to judge people based off other cowards....besides...I know how you feel.the demon in me is the black angel.ever hear of. That? "

He looked surprised "your the legendary black angelic? "
I nodded.I don't know why I told him that! I was suppose to keep that a secret.I don't know why I just feel like I can trust him.we were walking together for a while now and we were mostly talking about our past.I never know we went through the same things.shared the same pain and lonesomeness. I feel like I can tell him anything.

Gaaras p.o.v

Iv only knew kiyo for a short amount or time and I already feel like I can trust her.we've indured the same things.I have special bond with her.this feeling is growing stronger what the hell is it? "Do you have any sibilings? I have twin brother. "She asked
"Yes, I have two older sibilings "I answered
"Gaara,I feel like I could trust you. How 'bout we be friends.."
"That would be fine I ...guess "I felt my cheeks get warmer by the second.

kiyos p.o.v.

How cute hes blushing.I let a small giggle escape from my lips as he was trying to stay cool.I hope I could trust him as much as I hope I was getting late so I decided to go home but gaara wanted to make sure I got there saftly so he walked me home.
At my house I turned around facing gaara "Thx for walking me see ya later "
"Bye kiyo see you "
I waited until he walked off before I walked in.I count ask for a better thing to happen. I was tired a lot happened today.

The Next Day

I did the usual .get up ,get dressed,brush hair,eat,and, missions not until another six days so I have time to I decided to head for the training filed to get in shape.when I got there ,there where three people already there.

There was a girl with mickey mouse ears for hair ,neji (an old training partner) ,and a dude that looked completely weird.his brows are huge!
"Hey neji!! Remember me? "I shouted
Nejis face lit up when he saw me "Destiny has brought us together once again, at a training filed funny huh? "He told me.
Neji was like a big brother to me then he moved away."so who's the freak Show? "

"Oh this is ten ten and the annoying one is rock lee " he informed
"Nice to meet at least one decent friend of neji "I said
All of a sudden a shiruken was thrown at me but I doge it in was a matter of time before he found me.

Ha ha a clift hanger sorry ill update in the next few days.

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