your not a monster your human(gaara love story)

your not a monster your human(gaara love story)

Name : kiyo atamaki
Age :13 years old
Birthday :may 24
Surviving Relatives :twin brother (kito atamaki), cousin (ichago)
Story : you were so sweet and were loved by everyone in the hidden cloud day your cousin attacked the village to the point where no one was don't know where your brother is or where yourcousin is.sense age six you've been alone and feared by the world because of the demon sealed inside you from birth!

Chapter 1

starting a new life in the leaf village

by: _Terbear_
ringgggggg ringggggggggI jump up at the sound of my alarm clock."man! I'm late! ".I got up and and ranto the bathroom."dang it late on my first day! "I brushed my long black hair and got was my first day I got to be with my team squad seven.I'm a transfer student and I moved to start over and prey nobody finds out about my past.I never really knew love nor ever want to find out .nobody in this world should be trusted.I grabbed my bag and raced out the door.I was about an hour late.I really didn't care but I need to keep a low profile.I ran out of breath and began to walk.
"I'm already late, its no point in running "I said rather is pointless until you find a meaning or you know a place where you belong in the world.I found nether and there's no one who understands.*I need to think of an excuse * I thought to my self as I was approaching the bridge we were to meet at.I closed my eyes and thought about it.then I slowly opened my eyes to find three other people at the bridge.I can tell this is gonna be troublesomeI slowly walked up to them preying that those kids aren't in my team.the girl (with the biggest foerhead ive ever seen) was yelling at the boy with the blond hair for talking bad about the other guy.I stood there for a while waiting for them to notice me.this is getting annoyingI said to myself.
sasukes p.o.v
"NARUTO YOUR SUCH A LOSer......" I yelled trailing off because I saw a gorgeous girl standing there.I herd there would be a new person in squad seven they never told us who or what it is."who's this chick? "Nauto yelled."shut up naruto" I said I could tell she was offended
Kiyos p.o.v
"Chick? "I repeated."say it to my face and see what happens"I said almost yelling. He looked a little scared but he shot one finger high in the and shouted. "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?????!!!!!".I looked at him like I was clueless."considering we just met no.and I really don't care!"."WELL IM NARUTO UZAMAKi AND SOMEDAY I'LL ...""become hokage right? "I finished for him.he looked at me crazy and confused.I gave him a small smirk. "You must be our new team mate.hi am sakura. And as you know hes naruto and this hot guy is sasuke uchiha "she said with an love -sick look on her face
Naruto came back down to earth and yelled "hey your late any ways why is that? "."because I got lost on the path life!! "I said
"Hey! That's my line! "Kakashi said.

"I'm not the only one that's late! "I said sarcastically
"Hey everyone.oh and this is your new team mate kiyo atamaki why don't you tell us about yourself "
"Like what? "I asked
"Well things you like,...things you hate,..hobbies,dream,....and where you come from. "
"Well I like blood,raman noodles,rice,and challenges.and I hate a lot of things .......especially love -sick school girls..!"sakura gave me a dirty look."ohh right hobbies ,well I have lots of hobbies.mostly training and dream is to um well...."everyone was staring at me.I felt my cheeks get slightly warm and closed my eyes and turned my head.I started to choke it made me sad and I wanted to cry."hey are you ok? "Naruto asked "I don't need your sympathy " I whispered I cleared my throat "my dream is to kill my cousin and find a place in the world where people will.....people will......nevermind I cant tell you ,gives up too much information about my past .it will make me lose the purpose I came to the leaf village.and where I came from is strictly classified iv avoided all the profiles and I'm not starting now.I can tell you that I have a twin brother out there somewhere."
"That's probability enough for to day will meet up in about a week.and kiyo try not to kill them! "Kakashi said with a smile "sure "
Kakashi exited with the book ,reading.

"Well I'm off "I said "see ya "
"Ohh uh don't under estimate me,I'm much stronger than each and every one of you."I gave a smirk and walked away.
"The nerve! "Naruto said.

Deep in the forest I was walking home when I noticed a guy.he was soo hot.his red hair and marine colored eyes was breath no no snap out of it hes like all with someones emotions and get close to you then turn around and leave you all alone..lost ..abondon..lonley.
Gaaras p.o.v
I was taking a walk like I do everyday but today was different.I saw this girl walking somewhere.this girl was beautiful then she looked at me.I have this weird feeling in my gut iv never felt before in my was like my heart jumped and skipped a beat.I have to find out who she is and make this feeling stop.

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