Sister~ A Harry Styles Love Story

Sister~ A Harry Styles Love Story

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Chapter 1


by: Stylinson
Name: Mia Reece Payne
Age: 15 ½
Roll: The Sister
Hair: Medium chocolate brown
Eyes: Very dark brown
Skin: Slightly pale
Height: 5' 4"
Personality: Cheeky, funny, independant, demanding, in denial.
Life: Lives with her brother Liam, mother and father.
Extra: Sometimes glasses, everyone thinks she's beautiful but she strongly disagrees, all the boys think she's hot.

I woke up on another warm day.
"Mia!" Liam called, banging on the door.
"What?" I mumbled.
"We're going to start the video shoot today! Do you want to come or not?" He asked.
"Alright!" I sighed.
I rolled out of bed and changed into this I got down stairs and saw Liam ready.
"Mum can't come. I'm driving." He said.
"Please tell me you know where to go!" I pleaded.
"We'll be fine." He reasured.
We hopped in the car and drove off down the street. Forty miniutes later we arrived. We should've arrived twenty miniutes ago.
"Liam! I told you you didn't know where to go!" I whined as we got out.
"We're here aren't we?" He said.
It was a beautiful scene. It was a small beach with cliff faces surrounding and low tide.
"Cute." I smiled.
He nodded and led the way. We walked down to the director and the rest of the boys. I grinned at them. They practically slid along the ground to where I was.
"Hellooo Mia!" Harry grinned.
"Hi guys!" I said.
"Are you in the clip?" Louis asked.
"If it's about pretty people why would I be in it?" I asked.
They scoffed.
"Because you are beautiful!" Zayn said in a sing-song voice.
"Shut up. Just go do the video so I can go for a swim." I said.
The director got the boys and began working. There was a good part of the beach they weren't using so I went up to the car to change into my swimmers. I wore this It isn't as hard as you think to get changed in a car. But very hard to keep unseen. I wrapped my towel around my body and walked down to the beach. I waited until the boys were preoccupied and made a quick dash for the water, ditching the towel. The water was cool but easy. It lapped at my ankles as I advanced forward. I began playing around in the cool water. I ducked under and came up over and over. It got boring after a while and I decided to go lay down. I was glad the director took the boys around the others side to film. I layed down and the let the heat soak in. I fell into a half doze when a big black shadow blocked everything.
"Do you mind!?" I asked rudely.
I couldn't be bothered to open my eyes.
"Nope!" Said a farmiliar voice.
I moaned. I sat up and saw the five of them towering over me. Four of them with dubfounded expressions and one of them grinning mischeiviously. I stood up and glared at them.
"What do you want?" I asked.
"It's break. We're bored." Liam said shortly.
"I don't care." I said.
I shooed them away and sat back down. I had a bad feeling they were up to something. Once again I half dozed off. I awoke with a snap and the oys were no where to be seen. I dragged over an umbrella an laid under to go to sleep. I was soon sleeping silently on the warm sand.
~Third Person's P.O.V~
"She's out." Louis whispered.
The boys crept along by the water and turned up the sand when they came level with Mia. They crowded around her.
"Harry, you do it." Liam instructed.
Harry bent down and carefully lifted the sleeping Mia into his arms. They walked down to the shore and let the water lap at their ankles. They walked in as far as they could. Harry held Mia close to his body, careful not to let the water touch her.
"Now." Zayn laughed.
"This is so mean." Harry muttered.
"Are you getting soft Styles?" Louis said, raising an eyebrow.
"No." Harry said bluntly.
They counted to three before dumping Mia into the cool water.
~Mia's P.O.V~
I felt icey water cover my body. Imersed in the salty beach I struggled to get to the surface. Once I found the air and my breath I scanned for the band. I saw them speeding for the shore.
"I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" I screamed.
I hear their extatic laughs. I ran for them. It was easy to catch up. They were laughing too hard whereas I was fuming. I crash tackled Liam to the ground. He laughed and struggled under my grip.
"You little prat!" I spat.
He laughed harder.
"Guys help!" He choked.
"Nah." Niall laughed.
"How would you like this!?" Liam splattered.
"I would!" Louis, Liam and Harry said in unison.
Niall just raised his hand. I grimaced at them and turned back to Liam.
"Do that again and you can say goodbye to that stupid doll in your car." I hissed.
He scoffed.
"You wouldn't dare and it's a collectable!" He said.
I laughed and rolled off. They were always fun.


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