Help me please DX

This is Dylan not Brie writing this.

Chapter 1

I don't know what to do?

Brie's step-mom came and picked her up from my house, because I drove her there after school, and then shes gone for like 5 minutes and texts me saying shes coming back.

When I open the door she has a bloody nose. After her nose stops bleeding I hand her a mountain dew she holds it with her right hand. Which is weird because shes left handed and usually always holds it with her left. So I ask what happened she just shakes her head and wont tell me a thing. I even swore not to hurt her step-mom and that I'll be a slave for a day. But she won't budge.

She now has a brace on her wrist, and shes really stressed out. She just found out her little sister has cancer, her dad is no where to be found (he went off on a buisness trip and hes not answering calls or texts), her step-mom is an evil witch, her step-brother ran away, her brother in college wont talk to her, her step-sister is now doing drugs.

When she goes to school she has to deal with her so-called friends. They yell at her calling her a slut, whore, and many other things, they abuse her physically and mentaly, she retaliates and she gets in trouble and grounded.

And on top of that she has to do her homework, go to dance practice every other day, she has band practice, and comes home to a screaming step-mom because she "did" something wrong.

But somehow she manages to find some time with me, and go visit her little sister.

I want to help her but I don't know what to do DX
Please help me.


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