My Boyfriend Is My Shrink

Chapter 1

1. Ventilation

by: Moco
My dad is an alcoholic. I bet you're thinking this is some kind of "God help me my dad is an alcoholic and he wont quit" kind of story, huh? It's actually about my strange point of view, not how awful it really is, but how I decide not to do anything about it. I made the mistake of telling my boyfriend about my alcoholic father, even though it might not have been a mistake at all. From what I've learned, though, mistakes almost always end in solutions. From ventilating my problems to my boyfriend, I might just get solutions, since he's acting like a shrink. He schedules meetings to hang out, like at the bowling alley, or anywhere else where my parents can't hear or see me. He asks how I feel about things, what happens to me, my family, and objects around me. If this shrink thing gets too "/shrinky/" then it could be over between us, except I can't forget that I love him more than anything. He's the only thing good in my life... and he's making it better step by step.

Chapter 1 - Ventilation

My fingers trace the handle on the door, opening it slowly, I hear mom sobbing softly in the living room. Dad's face is red from anger and guilt (But mostly the alcohol). "I should've never gotten married," Dad mutters under his breathe. I don't know if he knew I heard him, but that crushed me from the inside out.
Hours later mom is in her "I hate him so much it doesn't even bother me except on the inside it really does mood". I hear the clinking of beer bottles being thrown away in the living room, and mom muttering things to herself. I've locked myself in my room, as usual. Daniel, my boyfriend, messages me online. We skype together and talk, his dog is sick and he finds out tomorrow if she will live or not. He wants to know whats wrong with me. "I guess I just always look sad," I state, but he denies it. Then I told him everything about my dad, and how I feel about him and my family. He begins sounding like a shrink over the computer when he asks those "out there" questions. Then the most unexpected question came up, "Do you feel like nobody understands you?" Tears well up in my eyes, the screen goes insanely blurry as I watch a tear make its way down to the keyboard. I type slowly, "Yea.." I felt understood by him, loved, and like he could read my mind through a computer. He began typing...

"What emotion do you feel right now?" He typed. I looked in the back of my head. Disappointment in my father, Alone from my family, Angry with mom for giving dad too much time which he will fail, Happy because I can ventilate. I gathered all of that and typed it all. "What is your over all emotion?" He typed fast. "Alone...," A tear rushed down my cheek quickly as I remember the last time dad got very drunk.
So it's not unusual for my dad to do this stuff but never this bad... anyways, Sammi (My older sister) and her friend were in her room and dad walks in drunk as usual. He begins talking about how he would have left us all if it hadn't had been for Sammi and me and that when dad got mom a ring for there anniversary he "scored some bl*w job points" Sam's friend was laughing but Sam was embarrassed. He's never said so much awful things about us and especially me and mom. He would say how mom nagged all the time and then he kept saying things about me that Sam wouldn't even tell me. Mom told me we "just have to smile and act like nothing is ever wrong for a year because she needs dad's money from being a soldier" then she's going to take Sammi and me and her back to California with our Aunt Jayne. I know I don't want him doing this to us all year but I'm pretty damn sure it'll be worth it... But a whole year? He's just going to get worse with his drinking problem. He said before he even came home from Afghanistan that he'd quit getting wasted alone every night which he probably is right now...


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