(Final chapter) The snake doesn't love the lion (A hogwarts love story).

Name : Amelia Parks
Age : 16
House : Slytherin
Hair : Silvery blond down past her shoulders, swooped side fringe, her hair mostly always left down with a green hairband placed on het head.
Eyes : Icy blue
Friends : Draco Malfoy... Pansy, one of the only girls she talks to...
She comes from a family of death eaters, she tries to live up to her parents expectations.
Enemies : All other houses...
She is as cunning and sly but with a heart that falls too hard. <3

Chapter 2

Hogwarts express.

I walked onto the train, pushing past people as the walked infront of me. I enjoyed for a few seconds the thought of returning to the school to see my friend, pansy parkinson.
Pansy was a popular girl amongst the Slytherin's, but to other houses she was a cold and heartless girl who everybody stayed clear of if they could help it. She had dark brown hair and dark eyes. In our first few years she had a chubby like face which soon over time became thinner and more prettier.
One thing that bugged most people was, she was a bit obsessive over Draco Malfoy.
"Come on Amelia! Let's go and find a seat!" she said dragging me through the fastly crowding hallways. We walked down to the last bit in the train to where Slytherin's usually kept to themselves. Without glancing his way I could tell Draco was looking at me. I quickly stole a glance at him which he quickly averted his eyes away from my gaze.
Pansy made a move to sit next to Draco but in a fast movement Draco stood up and walked towards me. He looked back at Pansy who looked hurt by this action. "I'll be back in a minute pansy, I need to talk to Amelia." Draco said. She eyed me warningly. Go anywhere near my Dracie and I'll hex you! Her voice rang in my ear as I remember her saying it to me in fourth year.
I followed him to another empty compartment away from all the others. There was a silence between us which I did not intend to break. I've never spoken to him alone, Pansy, Blaize or his Other followers were always there when I had contact with him. He fidgeted slightly before speaking. "So, how're you?" I stiffened at his kind words to me.
"Has that mark on your arm giving you a different personality Draco?" I sneered nastily at him. He leaned back away from me staring at me with a confused expression plastered on his pale face.
"I thought we may aswell get along as we're both doing this task together..." He said with a slight smirk playing on his lips. I scowled at him. "You should be happy he didn't summon you there to kill you. After all your father ran off like a lot of the others did."
"Don't you dare say anything like that!" I yelled in defence. "My father made a mistake. He returned, like yours, to that graveyard didn't he?"
"That's true," He replied. He pulled up his sleeve slightly to show the Mark to me. I turned away and looked out the window and he pulled it down.
"I don't like having it on my arm... It's not a nice feeling.." I said frowning as the hills emerged, one after the other. He leaned forward and looked me directly in the eye.
"We have no choice. Kill him or we're killed-" The door opened and Pansy walked in again giving me a look meaning she wasn't happy. Draco sat back immediately. She sat down next to Draco and patted her legs. He lay down and placed his head down on them while she played around with his sleek blond hair. The site of him. Them. It disgusted me. Blaze Zabini joined us in minutes and I noticed that he had a struggle to close the door. I saw something but when I went to point out the object that was blocking the door it had vanished. Draco seemed to linger his eyes on the spot where I saw the thing before averting his gaze.
"So Draco! You said you'd tell us!" Pansy said to him. He smirked. She ment what lord Voldemort had wanted him to do over the summer with him before school. I closed my eyes in frustration and worry.
Draco promised he wouldn't tell anyone that I was involved with that. I didn't want anyone to know, although my father did brag about it to many of his friends whenever he got the chance. "My daughter! A deathEater at the age of sixteen!" I blocked out the voice of my father as I listened to what Draco had to say.
"Well, if it wasn't for him I wouldn't even return here. But I have a task to attend," He said bravely. I wanted to hex him. I have a task to attend. It burned my ears but I listened on. "I'll have to stick it out for another year I suppose. But, it will be for the better."
It will be for the better.
These words hit me like blows apon my head. I was just about to get up and leave when the train stopped. I looked out and to my surprise we had arrived. A thick fog had suspended in the air outside and I had to resort to wearing my woolen hat and gloves.
"Aren't you coming Draco?" Pansy asked him. I turned with my suitcase clenched in my hands and saw Draco was still sitting down. I don't know what stopped me to wonder why he wasn't following.
"I'll catch up with you, I have to do something," he told her, I saw his eyes wonder to me before we turned and left. He shut the door behind us- Pansy seemed a bit angry with me.
"What did Draco want with you?" she asked snappily.
"Oh, he just wanted to know- he asked me out," I lied darkly. What else could I say? Once I said it I had instantly regretted it. I hopped off the train clumsily tripping slightly.
"What?" She shrieked. "I- I don't believe you!"
"Fine. Ask him when he gets back!" I said angrily. She froze and I knew she watched me get onto the carriage with Blaze. I saw her in the distance getting onto another carriage with others.
I'm going out with Draco?
Worse thing to say. Ever!

Sooo.... Unexpected, right?? Comments! Five please!!:)

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