(Final chapter) The snake doesn't love the lion (A hogwarts love story).

Name : Amelia Parks
Age : 16
House : Slytherin
Hair : Silvery blond down past her shoulders, swooped side fringe, her hair mostly always left down with a green hairband placed on het head.
Eyes : Icy blue
Friends : Draco Malfoy... Pansy, one of the only girls she talks to...
She comes from a family of death eaters, she tries to live up to her parents expectations.
Enemies : All other houses...
She is as cunning and sly but with a heart that falls too hard. <3

Chapter 1

The dark side of the rainbow ...

My mother whimpered silently behind me as I stared as coldly back into his red eyes. His face so snake like, slits for a nose... He was no longer human. He was known as one thing now, that was someone every person across the world feared. All but one man and one boy had feared him from what I knew. I was his follower and yet I still trembled at the sight of him...
Lord Voldemort.
"P- please. They are only sixteen!" Begged my mother. They being me and a fellow Slytherin. His sleek blond hair brushed back, cold grey eyes. He stood still, but I saw fear in his eyes. Draco Malfoy. One of my only friends whom I must complete this task along side.
"Silence! It's too late to turn back now. The deed must be done... Unless you are not wanting your previous child anymore?" He said with a laugh. I didn't have to turn back to my mother to know that she stood back from his glare.
"No... Don't hurt her...." Her voice trembled as Narcissa placed her hand on her shoulder. My mother turned away from us as yaxley- a tall, bearded man grabbed my left hand and placed it under the stare of Lord Voldemort.
If Yaxley had not been holding onto me I might have callapsed as I felt my knees shake slightly. Lord Voldemort gave one last cruel laugh before placing his wand at the tip of my hand.
There was no turning back now, this was it.
The pain shot through my hand like a million daggers piercing it a thousand times over and over again. I gritted my teeth trying not to shreak as all eyes gazed apon my pained expression. My mother looked like she wanted to stop lord Voldemort- being killed with a killing curse would have been quicker and much less painful than this.
But as fast as it had started it had finished.
All that was left on my arm was a tingling sensation. I looked at the Mark now printed onto my skin. A skull with a snake coming out from it's mouth stared back up at my stinging eyes as I fought hard not to cry.
No. Do not cry infront of this many people. Especially not mum!
My mother. I looked back at her and gave her some reassuring smile- she could see it was not a real smile straight away- and yet she smiled back.
Now I watched as the same feelings emerged onto Draco Malfoy's face.

"You are done. You may go... But remember, you mist have this task finished before the year is out- and don't be afraid to test out the vanishing cabinet," Voldemort said with a wicked smile.
We nodded and left the shop with our parents. our faces were pale White, all colour drained from it, arms still tingling.
"You should be proud Amelia! It's a great honour to serve under the lord!" My father said patting me hard on the back. I flinched slightly before shrugging slightly. "Look at Draco... He doesn't look afraid or upset!"
"Ya, probably because he wasn't forced against his own will!" I said matter of factly. Draco opened his mouth to say something, looked up at his father and closing it again.
"Well, you should be proud! I am proud!" Said my father. I glared at him, hatred pumped through my blood.
"How can I be proud? How can you? ...." I looked up at my father. For the first time in years he actually did look down at me with proudness which was slowly fading with every word I spoke, "... I mean, it hurts like really bad!" I said with a slight smile to him. He took both my mothers and my hand in his.
"But it's worth it in the end..." with that we apperared to my house.
Worth what?
Killing a man who is over nearly a hundred years old?
I slightly smiled to myself trying to figure out how old the man actually was....

It's an intro! Happy christams to some of you... Happy boxing/ St. Stevenson's day to others!!:D

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