Please read.

Please read.

This is for Heavy Metal Day, which is actually tomorrow. I made this to let you know about the awesomeness of the best band ever, known to many as....

Chapter 1


by: Herzeleid
Rammstein is a German metal/rock/industrial band. They sing almost exclusively in German. They've released 6 albums with 11 songs on each and recently, a best-of album. Their songs are all really emotional and powerful. Whenever I feel like shiт, their songs always make me feel better. Besides, their lead guitarist Richard Kruspe is smexxii :*
If you're interested, I recommend these songs:
1. Spieluhr (Excellent song)
2. Du Hast (a classic but still good :) )
3. Fruhling In Paris (...Powerful)
4. Haifisch (My song. Gives me strength to move on when I want to die)
5. Reise Reise
6. Pussy (Funny. Sung partially in English. One of their more upbeat songs)
7. Sonne (BEAUTIFUL!)

The albums are in order as follows:
1. Herzeleid ('95)
2. Sehnsucht ('97)
3. Mutter ('01)
4. Reise Reise ('04)
5. Rosenrot ('06)
6. Liebe ist fur alle da ('09)
7. Made In Germany 1995-2011 (this is the best-of album) ('11)


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