mess up


Chapter 1

How it feels to be me ?

by: nianewnew
i wonder and at times i may be wrong do people actually think ima pretty???
some guy about 30 year old stopped me on the street asked me my name and said ima pretty and for the first time i was happy.
to prove that i am happy i went home and told my mom and she was furious she said that i shouldn't think so highly bout myself cause ima not that pretty
what do that even mean?

that night i cried myself to sleep unable to dream a wonderful dream
when i woke up i just didnt feel like going to school but my mom made me so i went and you wanna know what happen a soon as the lunch bell ringed people saw me and thought i was some type of target so thay threw food at me even milk and for the first time i felt low and to top it all off the reason they threw food and milk at me was because i wore black and ima weird ughhhh....
it drives me insane to think there are people out there even like that
i went home and told my dad and he said "you, maybe, i dont know,you brought on your self, maybe you should act more like them".
what?? i am who i am and nobody is ganna change that.
that night i stayed awake again and this time i didnt cry i didnt care what people thought of me i was who i am they can throw food or milk what ever ima keep my head held high.
the next morning i went to my parents and told them that i hate how they treated me and if they dont change they are ganna lose me.
i went to school that morning and lucky for me it was an Assembly and all students was to report to the auditorium. i didnt know why but my feet kept walking to the stage while everyone was sitting i was standing there with the mic in my hand i belted out a song i think i sang ['I AM BEAUTIFUL" by christina aguilera and when i was done i spoke my mind YA'LL SHOULDN'T HATE ME BECAUSE IMA DIFFERENT CAUSE DEEP DOWN I FEEL THAT WAY. YA'LL SHOULDNT HATE ME BECAUSE IMA BLACK OR UGLY OR OVER DRESS THAN MOST BECAUSE IMA STILL GROWING. DEEP DOWN IN SIDE I GREW UP WITH MOST OF YOU AND YA'LL WASNT THE SHARPES TOOL IN THE SHED. JUST BECAUSE I DONT TALK AND I DONT DO DRUGS OR DRINK DOESNT MEAN IMA NOT HUMAN. I HATE THE FACT THAT EVERYDAY IMA BULLIED FOR BEING DIFFERENT, I HATE THE FACT THAT IMA BULLIED JUST FOR BEING ME, YOU KNOW DO YOUR WORST CAUSE IMA NOT GOING TO CHANGE YES IMA DIFFERENT AND IMA PROUD". the kids stood up and clap and tears rolled down my face i walk off stage and out the auditorium and went home and from that day forth ward nobody dare to bother me again.


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