I am bored so............ RANDOM HUNGER GAMES ONE-SHOT TIME!!!

This has nothing to do with TBAC. Just thought I should mention that.

Chapter 1

Clove (First Night In The Arena)

I'm so freaking stupid. What was I thinking? That Cato could possiblely like me more than Glimmer Archabald, with her shiny blonde hair and generally prettiness? The sad thing is, she doesn't even know that he likes her. I just want to slap her, and some how make her see. And then slap her again, just for fun.

"Cloooooove!" Glimmer whines. She can't just say Clove, can she?

I sigh and turn around "What is it?" I ask her. I've only knowen her for about a week. It's only our first night in the arena, and she's already whiny beyond human belief. I know she got a nine in training ,has more sponsers than me, and people generally like her better, but if I killed her right now, I don't think anyone would mind. Especially not me.

"I think that Cato likes me." She says.

"Do you like him?" I ask. My voice sounds unstable to me. Luckly, Cato's working with Peeta on a good way to protect the food. I don't think he can hear me.

"Yeah, I think I might." She says shyly. She's blushing, and it some how looks good on her.

'"Then what's there to discuss?" I ask her.

"Do you think he likes me?" Glimmer seems to want my answer.

"I think he might. Why don't you go ask him? I'm going to go find a better place to set up camp." I spit on the ground. This place is revoulting. It's covered in dirt, and there's way too many bugs. I hate them, with there beady eyes. And Glimmer seems to not mind it.

"But wait, how do I do that?" She asks me as I walk away. She says this part rather loudly, now Cato's looking.

"Figure it out on your own." I whisper. I don't trust myself to say anything else. I feel some tears in my eyes, and I wipe them away. Of course, today's just lovely. First, I kill a bunch of people in the Bloodbath, but somehow miss killing Katniss. Then, I figure out that Cato likes Glimmer. Now Glimmer likes Cato, and I'm crying.

I play the You Can't See Me If I Don't Look At You game. I don't think they see the tears, because I don't hear anyone come after me.

I wait untill camp is just a speck in the distance,and I allow myself to cry. Forget crying, I'm full on sobbing.

Why do I have to like him? Why does Glimmer have to? Why am I always the one left out? Why, why, why, why why?

"Why?" I ask through my tears. As if anyone can hear me, I think sourly. I'm all by myself. Good. I don't want anyone to see me crying.

Suddenly, I hear a branch snap. I grab a knife from the inside of my jacket, and get up. I don't see anyone hear. So what was that noise?

I hear it again and again. Maybe I'm going insane.

"Who the hell is hear with me!" I shout out.

"Me." I hear someone say. I turn around, and I see little Rue.

"What, did you come for your death?" My voice still sounds shaky, and I take a step towards her.

"No, I came to help you." She says. I laugh, and rather loudly. She can't help me, no one can. Unless they kill Glimmer, and Cato. And maybe me while they're at it.

"You think that you can help me? You have to be kidding." I say. Why can't she just leave? Why don't I just kill her? I have a knife right in my jacket.

"I'm not kidding. You obviusly weren't just crying for something. It can probably be fixed. I've been watching you cry this whole time. So I'm going to help you." She explains.

"Who do you think you are? A phycologist? Look, there's nothing to be done. Now get away before I kill you." I say. My voice finally got back it's murderous edge, the one I needed.

"If you keep pushing people away, you'll have no one left." She says. She climbs high up a tree, and disappears. I glare at the spot where I last saw her, and I walk on. Maybe I can actually do what I was saying I should do and find a better spot.

I find a huge lake, big enough to keep our supplies by. Before I race back to tell them, I better wash off my face. I look in the water and see that my face is an extreamly unatteractive shade of red. That's nothing that water can't fix.

It seems like it takes forever untill my face looks presentable. I head on my way back to camp. I'll tell them about my new spot, and they'll come here. I trip over a tree branch, and try not to kill the stupid tree.

I hate the trees. There are too many back home, and now they're here. It's like I'm getting stalked by trees. The thought makes me snicker. Getting stalked by plants, that sounds like something that happens to me.

I make it back to camp, and the moon is already high in the sky. It must be later than I thought it was.

"I found a better camp site then this dump. It's right by the water, and it's close enough to the other tributes to tribute-hunt." I say, pointing towards the spot I found.

"But I like it here!" Glimmer complains.

"It's a better spot." I argue.

"Clove, let's just stay here." Cato says.

"When we get attacked by Thresh, and half of us get killed, it's your fault." I remind them of our only threat, who scares me. Only just a little.

"I saw him. He went towards the field." Marvel responds.

"And were you part of this conversation?" I ask him.

"Yes." He says. He must think he's so freaking smart.I glare at him, and flip my hair over my shoulder. Typical mean girl action.

Typical me.

"Still doesn't make you less of a bastard." I say.

"Well, someone woke up on the wrong side of the arena." Cato says. Glimmer giggles, like he's so clever.

"Very clever Cato, very clever." I say sarcastically. He can be such a nitwit sometimes. Still doesn't mean that he isn't amazing, but that's my theroy. You can't like (I can't bring myself to say love. Bad things happened to people I loved. I don't want bad things to happen to Cato.) someone if you can't accept their faults.

"I'm clever!" He shouts. I roll my eyes.

"Sure you are." I mutter under my breath.

"Smoke." Penelope says, pointing to the sky.

"Tribute." Glimmer says.

"Kill time." I say with a smirk. Penelope and Glimmer look very afraid of my smirk. I almost laugh.

"Let's get going." Cato says. We pack up the stuff, and I grab a torch. Almost everyone else grabs a flashlight. I personally like the torch better. It let's them that they know that we're coming.

We make it to the girl, who sees us and screams.

"Please-please don't kill me!" She begs.

"Give us a reason not to." Cato says.

"Um..I-Um." She stutters over her words.

"I don't think she's going to come up with one." I says.

"Kill time?" Marvel asks.

"Kill time." I say, giving him a smile.

But, of course, Cato takes over. She screams and screams, and I want to plug my ears. I just want to end it. Cato finally lets her be, but he motions that he wants us to go at her. I swallow my fear, and walk over.

Marvel starts puching her, and I carve a few words on her head.

So stupid, so silly, and so, so cold is carved on her forehead and it's dripping blood.

"Twelve down and eleven left to go!" Glimmer shouts out. Cato, Marvel, and Penelope start cheering, Peeta joins after some hesitation. I remain silent, as if my silence could save that girl. But she's so stupid, so silly, and so, so cold.

"Better clear out so that they can collect the body before it starts stinking." Cato says. Everyone, me inculded, starts murrmering as we head into a clearing. I don't see anyone, but I feel like someone's here. Cato and Glimmer are flirting,and I'm trying not to stab them.

"Shouldn't we have heard a cannon by now?" Marvel says after a few minutes.

"I say yes. Nothing to prevent them from going immdeatly." I say, then instantly regret it. I don't want that girl to get killed much more.

"Unless she isn't dead." Marvel adds grimily.

"She's dead. I stuck her myself." Cato says confidenly.

"Then where's the cannon?" I ask him. Where's the future Mr.Glimmer's cannon after all of this? I like him and I hate him. I confuse myself sometimes.

"Someone should go back. Make sure that the job's done." Penelope says.

"Yeah, we don't want to have to track her down twice." Glimmer says.

"I say she's dead!" Cato argues.

"Once again, where's your little cannon then?" I ask him.

"It probably went off weird." He waves off.

"Better safe then sorry. I agree with Penelope. Someone should go and check." Marvel says.

"I'll say it one more time. She. Is. Dead. No one needs to check. Let's go back to camp and get some damn sleep." Cato argues.

"I think someone should go check." Glimmer adds with a hair flip.

"I think we should just move on and set up camp somewhere better." I immitate her, flipping my hair and mimcking her stupid expression. She frowns, and I smirk.

"We're wasting time! I'll go finish her off and let's move on!" Peeta says. I snicker. He's mild, timid, and certainly not a killer.

"Go on then Lover Boy. See for yourself." Cato says. Peeta leaves, walking towards the girl. We all wait, in silence.

He comes back. She's dead.

We all head back to camp, and I hear Glimmer and Cato fliriting the whole way back. I guess they're a couple now. Peeta's walking beside me, not saying a word. Marvel and Penelope are chatting away about who knows what.

"I'll gaurd." I say, setting up next to a tree.

"Ok. I'll take the shift after you." Cato says.

"I'll be fine." I say.

"Wake me up if you get tired though, ok?" There's something odd about his voice. It's tender, soft, and caring.

"Ok. Now get some sleep, Glimmer Lover." I tease.

He frowns, and heads in the tent with everyone else. I grab a knife out of the inside of my jacket, and look around. Nothing to hurt me, except some silly bugs.

But I don't sleep anyways.


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