Name: Paisley Caraway
Age: 15
Personality: Smart, friendly, outgoing
Appearance: Mid-waist-length blonde hair, dark brown eyes, full lips, slender waist
Clothing: Denim mini skirt, pink tank top, black Converse

Chapter 1

Waking Up

I was lying down on a cold concrete floor. A breeze tingled my whole body. Even though my eyes remained shut, I could sense that I was somewhere dark. I remembered nothing. Wait, maybe just a small piece...


"Go to your room Paisley!"
"But mom!"
I stomed upstairs to my room. I slammed the door open and slammed it closed after I stepped inside my room. I rushed to my bed and collapsed onto it: tears streaming down my cheeks. Words popped into my mind uncontrolably: Hate, love, mom, drama, punch, cry, sleep, Paisley, scream. More words rushed into my head. It throbbed. I glanced across the room and out the window: It was night. All of a sudden, a shadow rushed across the window. A boy's eyes met mine.

(end of flashback)

I forced myself to open my eyes. I still could see nothing. It was pitch black in the room I was in if it was even a room at all. My head hurt, but I managed to sit up. I was very dizzy at first, then I was fine. I stood up then fell right back down again. I tried again: success. I slowly walked forward and gently brushed the wall with my hand. It was also concrete and cold to the touch. I sat there for around ten minutes with my hand on the concrete wall. The part of the wall that my hand was touching slowly warmed up. I pulled my hand away from it. That's when the tears came. I collapsed onto the ground in a frenzy of tears. I didn't care if I had just hit my head. I was alone in the dark. I was lost in a hidden part of the world. I was scared. I was confused and frustrated. I was trapped.

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