All We Are to Them Now Are Blood Traitors (A Marauder Era Love Story)

All We Are to Them Now Are Blood Traitors (A Marauder Era Love Story)

I got the idea from a marauder era quiz I took on quizzaz I will try and find it again and put it in a link on here for you to have a go at another good site is quizilla.

Chapter 1


I was sat eating breakfast when two owls flew in with letters and dropped them in front of me and my twin. The two of us looked at our letters in the exact same way at the same time. You might not have been able to tell us apart if it were not for the fact we were fraternal twins, meaning twins of the opposite gender. Me and my twin brother smiled at each other.
"Well what are the letters about?" father snapped
"Our Hogwarts letters" I smiled
"Well we knew you would get in, it would be dreadful to have squibs spoiling the family bloodline" father said banging his fist loudly on the table to make his point clear
"Yes Dad" We muttered, well I muttered. you see that is where me and my twin differed granted it was quite a major difference, He was like the rest of my family thinking purebloods are superior, I however disagree but I have always kept it to myself. I learnt it was best to keep my mouth shut about muggles being equal from watching my twin and older brother. My older brother disagreed with our beliefs and didn't hide it; in fact he took the time to make sure his feelings were clear, resulting in many beatings until he left. My twin however kept his mouth shut and now he is our parents pride and joy, my family thinks of me as the perfect little pureblood daughter, but I hated it. Truth be told I am tempted to go against the family.
"You'll both make great Slytherins" Mother cooed
"Yes Mum"
"We'll get your stuff tomorrow and a pet for you each, owls I think" Mum smiled
"Thanks mum" Me and my twin said and headed to our separate rooms thank god. I got my robes, as me and my twin had gone to breakfast in our night robes as usual. I then headed downstairs and grabbed my cloak.
"I'm going out for a bit" I yelled to my parents and my brother.
"Ok, be back for dinner at 3" Mum yelled and I headed out. Me and my twin were fairly close we always stuck together but we liked to be on our own a most of the time.
I headed to an abandoned house and went in. I went to the upstairs floor and got the walking stick that was left there and used the curved end to get the loop to open the door to the attic and pull down the ladders, I then went up, there was a window that let light into the attic, this abandoned house was my escape from reality I could be who ever I wanted to be when I was here. In the attic I kept a small trunk that I put here so my family would not find it. I unlocked it with a key I kept on a ribbon around my neck (Green unfortunately, hopefully that would change). I opened up the chest and took out a small Photo album. As I looked at them I cried. I was normally strong, I wasn't scared of anything and no one has ever reduced me to tears except for one, my older brother he was in every photo in the album sometimes alone, Sometimes with me, sometime with my twin or in a few all three of us. They were the only ones of him left. My mum and dad burnt them all when he left.

I am close to my twin but I had looked up to my older brother, he had always spoke his mind, he was brave and kind and he actually cared about me and my twin unlike our parents who only cared about carrying on the family name and traditions. He was always there for me, always stood up for me no matter what. He was the person I was closest to and a major trouble maker and prankster. But when he went to Hogwarts and was classed as a blood traitor. Everything changed, He was given a choice his friends or his family. He loved me and my twin (at least I hope he did), but he also cared for his friends...

He choose his friends. As the words left his mouth that day I felt my heart start to crack, I hoped he would change his mind, then he went upstairs and packed, My heart did crack, I hope he would unpack and give me a hug tell me he would not leave me and my twin, he didn't he went out the door, My heart tore in two. I hoped he would come back after he had calmed down and thought about it, about what it was doing to me. He didn't come back for days, My heart was starting to fall apart, When he didn't come back after a few months and didn't even write to me, My heart shattered, I felt abandoned as though I wasn't important to him anymore. I stopped eating and drinking. I had to leave the room when mum and dad started to burn any photographs with him on. I managed to save some, the ones in the album that was in my hands now.

I had thought that the feeling of abandonment and the feeling of meaning so little so someone I loved would eventually pass. I continued not eating and drinking. My twin noticed something was wrong and did everything to help me. But I ended up in hospital from lack of proper nutrition. My twin started to force me to eat and drink. I finally got better but the feelings I felt never went away. As I looked at the photos of the older brother I had once loved, that I thought had loved me. The brother I still loved, the brother who didn't love me enough to stay. I realized at that moment that if my twin was to walk away from me, I would have no one in my life that mattered. It would probably be my death. My heart was shattered enough one more small break would destroy it completely

A.N. sorry the endings a bit morbid. Btw I haven't gone into too much description of my character and her family for a specific reason that you will see next chapter.

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