Finding You~ A Harry Styles Love Story

Finding You~ A Harry Styles Love Story

Attempt MILLION! It's just fun. Enjoy. Harry Styles is mine so LAY OFF!

Chapter 1


by: Stylinson
Name: Mia Reece
Username: Melts101
Age: 15 ½
Hair: Shortish chocolate brown
Eyes: Very beautiful brown
Skin: Slighty tan
Height: 5' 4"
Personality: Demanding, funny, cute, cheeky, lovable
Extra: Cute smile, pretty eyes
Life: Normal girl, lives with mother, father, sister

-~-Harry's P.O.V-~-
The boys and I had just been eliminated from X Factor. Though that didn't matter. We were now living together and producing our first album. We woke up on another drizzly day.
"To the internet!" Louis said, in a very weird voice.
"Fine." Liam sighed.
We went over to the PC and laptops. We di this a few time a day. Checking twitter, facebook, youtube and ect.
"I've got YouTube!" I grinned.
They sighed. I really just wanted to watch the videos. I was scroing down our page and came across some old video diaries from when we were on the show.
"Guys! Check this out." I said.
We crowded around the PC and wached the videos. Some of them were quiet funny. I was very absent minded.
"Look! This girl has commented on almost all of them." Niall stated.
"Melts101? What kind of name is that?" Louis asked.
We shrugged. I went to week 4. Liam read the comments. We came to Melts101.
"Cute, I'd so want a song from Harry. Actually a song from any guy would be fine but special from Harry, then a heart." He said.
I lifted my eyebrows.
"I like this fan. Not obsessive but nice." I said.
They laughed. We went to 5. No comment from that girl. For some reason we were just looking for that now. Then week 5, where we wore the strange suites.
"Nice suites. Aways wanted one of them..." Louis said.
We were all very silent but weirdly mezmorized by her comments. Then week 7.
"Lovin' the beanie Zayn. But seriously, guys in beanies are really cute!" Niall said.
It was weird as we skipped through everyone but her comments. We went to week 8. Where Louis sprayed me with salt.
"You can tell Harry didn't like being showered with salt. See his face." Liam read.
We flicked to week 9.
"At one point, Harry looks like he's going to kiss the camera, all dreamy! Don't get me wrong it's cute but dreamy..." Zayn laughed.
I screwed my face up and clicked on week 10. The last one.
"I like Harry's exercise, sittin' in a chair." I said.
I clicked on her profile. She didn't have a photo but all her comments were pretty legit.
"We should follow her comments on our stuff. She isn't obsessive, that's cool." Liam stated.
They went back to their computers and began scrolling through. I was still on the girls profile. I clicked on comment, one way to see if she was crazy. I wrote.
~Thanks for the comments! Could you put a pic up, we like to know our fans.~
It didn't seem weird, did it? Oh well!
-~-Mia's P.O.V-~-
I logged onto the computer for the millionth time this summer. I clicked on each of my profiles, checking the mail. I just about finished on my art site when I looked up at my bookmark bar. Youtube was standing out this morning. I clicked on the little button and was about to type in my favorite One Direction song when In noticed the notifications. I had one. Weird, I don't think I have added anyone on here. I clicked on the box and saw a comment. I didn't take note of the name, just the comment. It read.
~Thanks for the comments! Could you put a pic up, we like to know our fans."
"What the?" I muttered.
I checked the name. 'OneDirectionMusic'. I gasped. It couldn't be! Either way I sorted through my pics. I came to the beach file. There were some pretty funny photos there. I found a goo one. I had just come out of the water. My friend had attacked me with the camera and I was laughing and running my fingers through my wet hair. It was only from the colar bone up, so it was acceptable. I clicked upload and then set as profile pic. Donezo!

(A/N: I know it's kinda weird but I wanted to make something different. Let me know what you think!)

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