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I'm going to write entries here about my life :)
Hope you guys like it!!!

Chapter 1

December 15, 2011

Since this is my first entry, lemme go through a few things first... 

I am Elena House and I am 13 years old. I like to sing, play piano, dance, act, do gymnastics and martial arts, and model. :) 

My basic everyday schedule is packed!!! Haha. 
BTW, I am home-schooled. 

Well, here is what basically happened today... 
I got to sleep in this morning because I had been starting to get bags under my eyes for the past few days, so I woke up feeling great until I got out of bed and realized that my leg felt like it was being burnt off! I must've hurt it during my 2 hour dance classes the day before. 
So I limped the rest of the day. 
Later, I went to practice piano. I am working on "Moonlight Sonata" by the piano master, Beethoven. 
Then I practiced singing the 4 songs that I am going to perform live in Nashville this month! Felt confident after that because they all sounded good :D 

And now I'm on quibblo!!!! 
Yeah, today was I relaxing day for me :) 

End of December 15, 2011 Entry

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