The time of there lives (A Sonamy Story)

This story is all about Sonamy
SonAmy stories with these Couples
Shadaisy- (Shadow and Daisy) (Daisy is my made up character)
Silaze- (Silver and Blaze)
Knuckouge- (Knuckles and Rouge)
Tailream- (Tails and Cream)

Chapter 1

Sonamy Christmas.

Sonic the hedgehog walked down the Cold pavement, He was on his way to Cream's house because she wanted to talk to everyone about something important, As he walked the cold winter air blew his Quils and he Shivered Quietly, Suddenly Sonic heard someone calling his name, He turned around to see who was calling him it was Amy rose "Sonikku Wait up!" Amy Yelled Sonic stopped and waited for Amy to catch up, When she caught up with him Amy gave him a Massive Hug and said "Hi Sonikku!" Then Sonic gave Amy a Hug, Blushed and Said "Hi Ames" but when Amy looked up at Sonic he suddenly stopped blushing because he didn't want Amy to know he liked her just yet then started making there way to Cream's house.

Sonic and Amy just arrived at Cream's house as they walked through the door everyone turned to the door and they all said "Hi Sonic and Amy!" then Amy said "Hi Guys!" "Yo!" Sonic said then Cream ran up to them both, she hugged there legs and said "Yay! You guys are here!" and Then Cream's mom, Vanilla handed them both Hot chocolates "Thank you Miss Vanilla" Sonic and Amy said and then Cream said "Ok everyone may i have your attention please?" and everyone turned to Cream "Ok well i got you all here because...I'm Throwing a Christmas party so all of you are invited, Suddenly Sally Acorn barges in "Hi everyone!" Sally said "Hi Sally!" Everyone says but Sonic and Amy and Sally at next to Sonic and He groans "Here are you invitations" Cream said and Cream gave out the invatations then Amy whispered to Sonic "I hope Sally doesn't get invited" and Sonic Sniggers "Here you go you two" Cream said "Here's yours Sally" Cream said "Thank you so much Cream" Sally said Hugging Cream and Taking the invatation off Cream so Amy said "Oh no!" Then Sally gave Amy a dirty look and Sonic saw but didn't do anything then Cream said "Ok everyone it's getting late thanks for coming" and everyone left then Sally grabbed Sonic's wrist and said "Your gonna be my date for the Party ok?" "No!" Sonic said "Well why not? Who you gonna take Amy?!?" Sally said laughing then Sonic gave Sally at evil glare and her laughing died down "Yes i am" He said walking away "This is the worst mistake you'll ever make!" Sally said and Sonic Stopped and said "No it isn't" and kept walking and had a look of surprise on her face "Oh well i'll just go by myself" Sally said and she walked back home.

The next day, Amy Rose woke up on the day of the party she saw white snow flakes falling from the misty blue sky and she decided to go to the mall with Cream to find the perfect dress. After 3 hours of finding a perfect dress she found a Beautiful White dress with diamonds on it, when the party started Amy put on her dress, Curled her hair and made her way to the party.

The first couple to arrive was Shadow and Daisy, Shadow wore a black shirt, A Grey blazer and a red tie and Daisy wore a Cream dress with white high heels. The second couple was Knuckles and Rouge, Rouge wore a Bright pink dress, A leather jacket and Black high heel boots and knuckles wore a Black tuxedo, A trilby hat and Black Converse. The 3rd couple Silver and Blaze, Silver wore a light blue tuxedo, A light blue bow tie and white converse and Blaze wore Blue jeans, A White shirt, Silver earings and White converse. Tails came in wearing a White Tuxedo, A Black shirt, A White tie and Black Converse. Then last but not least Sonic came in wearing a White shirt, A Red and White, Stripped tie, Black Jeans and Red Converse. Then 10 mins after everyone arrived but Amy Sally slammed open the door wearing a Short black dress with Black heels and Smiled at Sonic and said "If your date stood you up you have another one here" Suddenly the door flew open and everyone looked towards the door and saw...Amy wearing her White dress and White heels, Sonic Stared at Amy until she looked over at him and Knuckles yelled "Lets get this party started!" and Party Rock atheum came on and everyone danced the night away.

2 hours later...Cream annonced "Ok everyone were gonna slow things down abit, Dance with your love to Pixie lott Gravity" and as all the couples danced Sonic made his way over to Amy, Suddenly Sally Kissed Sonic and Amy was astonised, she was heartbroken and she ran out the door "Amy wait!" Sonic said and Sonic Pushed Sally on the floor then said "I don't love you i love Amy" and he ran out the door looking for Amy, Sally also ran out the door and ran back home in tears.

Amy was sitting on the Bench outside Cream's house, Crying and then Sonic saw Amy, Ran up to her and said "Amy?" but she started to run away but Sonic Grabbed her wrist and said "Amy please come with me" "Fine!" Amy said and they walked back into Cream's house "Amy Rose, I don't love Sally she kissed me and then i pushed her away and...Amy Rose" He said and then they realised they were under Misitoe and Sonic Leaned towards Amy and Kissed her and he said "I love you Ames" and She blushed saying "I love you too Sonikku" then the boys groaned and the girls said Awww, Then Cream said "Ok People it will be christmas in 3, 2, 1! It's Christmas!" Cream Yelled "Merry Christmas Amy" Sonic said "Merry Christmas Sonikku" Amy said and They kissed again.

I hope you enjoyed my story, Merry Christmas and a Happy new year
SonamyFan-Forever-and-always. Thanks for reading.

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