A lovely One-shot to cure your boredom

im bored, so i decided to make a story for others to read for they are bored. See how boredom works?

Chapter 1


The genie appeared in front of her. She looked up at it with amazement and wonder. The genie then spoke with a booming loud and powerful voice, but at the same time kind and gentle.
"You have 3 wishes," the genie informed the girl.
As she was overwhelmed and in a state of complete bliss that a genie was in her presence, she didn't know what to wish for at first. But then she thought of that one boy: the boy she always tried to impress, the boy she always had butterflies in stomach for, the boy that she had fallen for.
She looked up at the genie with a small, shy smile, before she made her first wish. "I wish that i had the perfect outfit to impress him."
Her entire closet flew at her.
She shook it off and decided it must of been some fluke. She asked the genie what had happened, but the genie just remained silent. She shrugged and decided to make her second wish. "I wish that i had the perfect looks - body, hair, face - to impress him."
All her makeup and hair styling products disappeared.
Once again she asked the genie what had happened, but the genie never said a word to her. She brushed it off, and decided to make her last wish. "I wish that he would would fall in love with me."
"I can't do that," the genie finally spoke up.
"Why not? Because you cant wish for love?"
"No," the genie answered, with a twinkle in it's eyes, "because he already loves you."

<3 yeah, im really bored right now <3


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