Hetalia Love Stories

A series of stories I will be writing. Will be many different OC's and a Hetalia countries.

Chapter 1


The World Meeting

"Sicily~! It is time to get up~! Ve~!" Italy sang in my ear, I groaned and opened my eyes. "Italy, it's tooo early to be singing." I could hear my brother jumping up and down as he said "The world meeting, is to day! I'm going to see Germany and Japan~! Come on!" I sat up and said "Fine, I'm up." I sat up my tank top strap slipping a little to fall off my shoulder. Italy danced out of my room and shut the door, I groaned and sat up. "Italia, che twit fastidioso. Ho potuto dormire un altro 45 minuti! Non importa, devo essere pronto per il raduno mondiale." I muttered and got up. I opened my dresser and found my World Meeting outfit (It looks like Italy's but black and a Sicily Flag on the shoulder). I pulled on the clothes and stuffed a change of a red tank top, black skinny jeans, and black and red checkerboard vans into my backpack. I walked out with my dark brown bangs in my face. Feliciano and Lovino stood there waiting. Romano said "It's about time you got out, I was getting tiered of waiting." I rolled my eyes and said "Whatever Lovino. We need to go." He said with a huff "Alright, Bianca, Feliciano lets go."

America's P.O.V

I sat at the huge table as other countries entered, England sitting next to me. Russia was sitting at one end with Belarus conveniently at his side pestering him about marrying her. I heard Germany talking to Japan. Then I saw three Italians enter the room, Romano and N. Italy where standing in front Sicily. "Mamma Mia." I whispered to myself, Arthur said "For the love of god, go talk to her. Better yet, Bianca! Why don't you sit next to America and I!?" Her dark brown eyes fell on us she smiled slightly and walked to sit next to me. She said "Ciao America, England." I frowned and said "I thought ciao meant 'goodbye'." Sicily laughed and said "Ciao means both hello and goodbye Alfred." I blushed a thousand shades of crimson and said "Oh, thanks. That's really cool to know." She giggled and said "Alfred, your face is the color of tomato sauce." I laughed nervously and said "He-he I guess so, sorry." She turned her attention to Germany who was sitting at the head of the table clearing his throat. He asked "Who vants ze floor first?" Bianca raised her hand and said "I'll talk fist Germany." He nodded and said "I turn the floor to my friend Sicily." She began speaking in a polite manner, she talked about the new government changes in her territory. Romano said "You-a stupid child! Those changes will do nothing for your territory!" She faltered in her words and lashed back "Well, you bastard! My government is better than your attitude. I you didn't want my input why am I even here!?" With that she stalked out of the door and slammed it as she exited. Everyone was silent, finally Lithuania said "That wasn't very nice South Italy, she is your sister." He didn't look up or even seem to care, I pushed my chair back and walked out the door. I heard her muttering in Italian "Romano è un bastardo, non ascolta le mie idee per il mio governo. Non sono più un bambino, non ho bisogno di un adulto in cerca dopo di me! Lui davvero non conta come uno però!" I walked to her and asked "Are you okay Bianca?" She turned around, her makeup was running. She said "No, I think I am just going home. You can-a say goodbye to the others for me." I grabbed her and pulled her against my chest. I didn't understand why I did it but I just had an instinct to. She wrapped her arms around my chest. I could feel the warm tears streaking down her cheeks as she pressed her face into my chest. I breathed in her sweet scent, she smelled like sugar cookies. She said "America, your kinda crushing my chest." I blushed and pulled away. I said "Sorry, you just looked like you needed a hug. I'm sure your brother didn't mean that." She shrugged and walked to a messenger bag and pulled out some clothes. I smiled as she said "I'm gonna go change." She walked to the bathroom and in a matter of minutes she came out her hair down from it's ponytail, she looked amazing. Her pale skin was shown quite fully due to her tank top. I stared for a moment then looked away, she said "Alfred, would you like to go to lunch with me? We can-a get a hamburger if you like." I smiled and asked "Really?" She nodded and pulled a hoodie out of her bag. Slipping it on she smiled at me. I grinned and offered her my arm we walked out the door together not even thinking about the meeting in the other room.

Sicily's P.O.V

I smiled at Alfred, who was sitting across the table from me. He had his mouth filled with hamburger, I smiled and picked at his french fries. He swallowed and said "Hey, um. Francis is having a party this weekend and I was wondering if you three where coming?" I looked up and said "Well, I know Feliciano and I are going. Are you?" He nodded and said "Yeah totally, his parties are always interesting." I sat up a little straighter and said "Yeah well, see you then. I gotta go back to get N. Italy, and that bastard Romano." He laughed rubbing the back of his head.

The Party

America's P.O.V

I was sitting on the couch at France's house, he was flirting with Hungary. There was music playing in the background, the front door opened and three Italians walked inside. Sicily as usual was walking behind her older brothers, she was hidden partly from view. N. Italy said "Hey Germany! I'm at a party~! Ve~!" Romano said "What ever idiot brother." Sicily slipped away and sat next to me, she said "Ciao America. What are you doing?" I said laughing "Waiting for France to loose hope on getting that girl." She giggled just as France called out "We will be playing the Nervous Game! Ohohohoho! The object of the game is you take turns, the first one the make the other nervous wins. Sicily and America! You are up first!" His accent was thick. We both stood, Sicily moved closer to me asking "Nervous?" I shook my head lying. She moved closer wrapping her arms around my neck standing her her tippytoes to look me in the eyes. She looked at me, I shook my head lying even more. Sicily moved my arms to wrap around her waist, I began to blush a bit. She placed her arms around my neck again and pulled closer so her lips where only a few centimeters from my own. I nodded, she smirked and said giggling "I win!" I closed the gap between our lips.

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