Cold Case...A Thrilling Love Story

Ok so this is my redo for my Cold Case story for Nick's part cause I REALLY don't like how the quiz turned out. But if you have no idea what I'm talking about, it's because I deleted those quizzes.

Chapter 1

The Beginning

Running through the huge estate was tiring Gianna out, but she knew if she stopped, she'd been thrown back into hll.

After he showed Gianna what he was capable of on the last girl, he offered her a deal. If Gianna could find the way out of the huge estate, her torture would end. If not, her life would end. He gave her a 5 minute head start.

But Gianna wasn't trying to escape yet. She had to find her sister. She couldn't leave her sister with that awful monster. She just couldn't. As she watched him tortured that poor girl down in the basement, she knew she couldn't let Sarah go through all that pain. The girl was shred so badly you couldn't recognize her. As she screamed for mercy, he laughed. And that was only the beginning. No. Not to Sarah. Never. Gianna remembered the day they were kidnapped. How Sarah cried out for their mother and father. How she cried for Gianna to do something. How she screamed to go free.

Gianna had to find her before time ran out.

She ran down each never ending hallway, trying to find a hint out where Sarah could be. Each hall looked the same. Each door looked the same. There was no difference. She knew she was going in circles. She knew how big this place was. Time was catching up to her and they'd both be dead.

She opened another door and was about to close it when she heard a whimper from inside. She softly closed the door.

"Sarah? Please. Sarah?" Her voice cracked with each whisper. She heard the muffled cry again. She walked to the closet and slowly slid it open.

"Oh my God." She bent down and pulled her little sister in and hugged her.
"Sarah, everything will be alright. We'll get out of here. You'll get out of here, okay?" She tried to reassure her crying, dirty, bloodied up sister. Sarah only nodded her head. She had been bound and gagged. "I'm going to try and get these loose, alright? Everything will be okay."

As Gianna tried to loosen the ropes, Sarah could only watch. The seconds went by as they felt like hours. Gianna knew she had little time left, so she tried harder. She looked up when Sarah started to struggle and cry.

"Sarah, I've almost got it, calm down alright?"

"Tick. Tock. Time's up angel." Gianna's insides froze with terror hearing the ice cold voice. "I think you know what that means." He roughly pulled her up and grabbed her chin. "Oh, such a waste for a pretty girl like you." He looked at Sarah. "Should have left her here to rot. Put yourself first. But you didn't and I found you. Say goodbye to your sister." He grabbed her by her hair and started to drag her away.

"No! NO! Please! Please don't! Sarah! Don't hurt her! Please just let us go. PLEASE!" The door slammed shut and Sarah listened as her sisters screams faded.

She knew it was the last time she'd see Gianna alive.

All she could do now was wait and cry.


Going out to party on a Friday night is the ideal life for a teenager, right? Hanging out, getting drunk, having sx, it's the life right? Well, sadly, it's not my life. Here I am. Poor, pathetic Blythe just sitting around at home watching tv. What could be any better?

I sighed as I flipped borough each channel, trying to find something to finish my boring day with a bang. I wasn't even paying attention to what was passing. I think I just wanted something to do. It wasn't until a certain story came on that I actually perked up and tuned into the monotone voices that came from the tv.

"In other news, there has been a string of crime all over the state of Minnesota. There have been over 30 victims to the Black Night Killer." I shuddered at the name. "Police have finally been able to tie together these random acts of hostility. There have been out of the 32 victims, 12 were let free, only to be found wandering the middle of the street, in only old undergarments, dazed, tired, and terrified." The thought of me wandering the street like that scared me too much to say.

"The most recent murder was in Jackson County, near Nessing. The only thing in common between the victims is that they were close in age. The victims have been between the ages of 15 and 26. No information has been reported on this fiend. I you have any information on the Black Night Killer, please call your local police. And remember not to travel alone at night and to keep your doors and windows locked and to always be ready for and emergency. I'm Richelle Kyle with Channel 4 News. Stay Safe Minnesota."

I flicked off the t.v., more freaked out that ever. What if I was victim number 32?!
Here in Nessing, there weren't many people...hell there weren't many people in Minnesota!! So if something did happen, the likely-hood of someone hearing who screaming was very little.

I was so caught up in my own little world that I didn't even notice my mother had walked through the door.

"Sweetheart I- Oh My God! Are you alright?!" You see, I may have jumped....and fallen.... off the couch....when she spoke. Yeah I'm a jumpy person.

"Yeah I'm fine. Make a noise when you walk in the door, will ya?"

"Actually...I dropped all my stuff. It was quite loud. What's up with you? Are you alright? Is something wrong?" She came over the feel my forehead like I was five.

"Yes mother!" I pushed her hand away and stood.

"Are you sure?"




"Are you sure?"

"Mom, just let it go. I'm 17, not 7. You don't have to baby me over every little thing. Believe me, getting scared isn't going to kill me. Now I think I'm going to go take a nap. I'm really wiped out."

"But it's only 7:30?"


"So normal people go to bed between the time of 7:30 and 12. Not take a nap."

"Does it matter? It's not like I have school tomorrow. Besides, I'll probably end up asleep the whole night. So this conversation was really pointless. Night mom!"

I darted up the stairs, only to trip at the top and fall flat on my face.

"Are you OK?" My mom called from the kitchen.

"YES!" I mumble yelled into the carpet.

I pulled myself back up and ran to my room to jump on my bed. I layed there on my stomach, just thinking, until I heard,

I'm going crazy here by myself

I want you and no one else

Sending out a signal of my distress

I confess, I'm obsessed

I almost didn't pick up my phone because I was singing.


"Sup." The 'p' was popped.

"I don't know, you called me." It was my best friend and secret crush, Nick.

"Yeah I know. Hey did you see the news?"

"Please, don't remind me."

"Ya know, if something happened here, no one would be able to here your screams."

"What? My screams?!"

"Yeah you'll be his next victim. Boo!"

"Not funny!"

"Yes it is."

"No it's not."

"Yes it is." He said in a sing-song voice.

"No it's not." I mimicked him.






"Yes. And that's final! Wait no!"

"You said it was!" Sometimes I really wanted to clobber him.

"Fine, whatever. Are we still on for tomorrow?"








"I love you Nicky!!"

"I love you too, Tye. And don't call me 'Nicky' !" Ever since we were kids, Nick hated being called Nicky. But of course, being the kind of person I am, I called him Nicky just to piss him off.

"Then don't call me by my last name please."

"You started it!"

"And now I'm ending it!" I heard him chuckle over the line.

"Night Blythe."

"Night...Nicky" I whispered the last part.

"I heard that." I could almost see that beautiful grin over the phone.

"Bye!" I quickly hung up. I liked having the last word. We always fought over it like little children fighting over who got the last piece of candy. It was a little childish, friendly competition. And I loved every minute of it.

~~~~The Next Day: Saturday Morning~~~~

"Blyyythee.....Blyyythee...." I heard a voice say very dream-like.

"I don't wanna..." I mumbled.

"Blyyythee....." This time they gently shoved my shoulder.

"Shove off." I flipped over so the blankets were over my legs and under me and I was on my stomach.

"BLYTHE!" Now I was being violently shaken.

"GO AWAY!" I threw a pillow at my attacker.

"Just remember, you made me do this."

"Mmmhmm." As you could tell, I'm not a morning person. I continued to sleep....for about 5 more seconds.

I felt a tiny pull at the blankets underneath me and--

"AH!" I was flipped of my bed and onto the floor.

"I asked nicely." I turned to see a very giddy Nick who was trying not to burst out laughing.

"Yeah yeah yeah. That's no excuse to try and break my butt bone."

"Butt bone?" He raised one eyebrow. I was so jealous that he could do that and I couldn't.

"Yeah butt bone. The bone in your butt. There's one there."

"Whatever you say, you genius you."

"Oh shut up Mr. Sarcastic. Hey, what time is it?"


"Ugh!! Too early!"

"Ms. Lazy Broken Butt Bone Bones."

"Shut up"

I stood up and dropped any blanket left on me to the floor. I looked up and saw that Nick's face turned completely red.


"You, uh, you'" He trailed off, getting even more red than before.

"Er...." I looked down to find myself in my purple hoodie....and underwear! I never put on my pajama pants! And he can see me! No!

"Ah! Get out!" I grabbed the blankets to cover myself and threw my remaining pillows at Nick.

"I'm kinda liking the view." He tried to be his normal, cocky self, but his red face gave away that he was embarrassed.

"Go! Shoo! Get Out!" I shuffled over to him and pushed him out and locked my door.

I had my back pressed against the door and I slowly slide down till I was sitting on the floor.

Oh my God. How God damned embarrassing!

I quickly pulled on some jeans and a shirt. My dark brown hair was left down like always and my bangs were hanging just below my eyebrows.

I slowly walked to the stairs in order to compose myself from what just happened.

I descended down the stairs and walked into my kitchen to find that Nick made his way into my fridge and was eating leftover ham. His head was still in the fridge when I walked in.

I quietly creeped toward the open door and leaned over top. I inhaled deeply.


Nick jumped and thumped his head against against the top of the fridge doorway. You know it hurt because it echoed through out the house.

"Damn Bobo, a little louder. I don't think they heard you in CHINA!"

I slapped right where he bumped his head and he rubbed it gingerly.

"I see you have pants on." His cheeks turned slightly pink at this saying. Nowhere near worse as before. But I felt my cheeks get hot.

"Shush. Now where to?" I leaned on the table counter and played with his shoulder length black hair which hung in front of his eyes.

" about we just go for a walk?" He gave me his amazing crooked smile.

"Only if you're the donkey."

"Um. What?" His crooked smile turned into his cute confused look.

"You know...donkey...they carry in you carry me....I jump on your back...I don't walk when I don't want to... Gosh no one gets my jokes!"

"That's because you're not funny. Fine. I'll be your donkey. Come on!" He grabbed my hand and started to run toward the door and out of the house, pulling me with him.

Why can't this be a date?

He pulled me until we reached the street. He never dropped my hand though.

In Nessing, you could walk in the street with a blindfold on. That's how isolated our town is.

"So what's new with you?" He asked me.

Other than my heart beating so hard it hurts? Nope nothing. "Well, between seeing you yesterday morning and talking to you on the phone last night? I had a baby."

"Oh really."

"Yes. And I named him Charles."

"And not after me?

"Well I was going to, but he screamed when I called him Nick."

"Can I see him?"

"He was broken. No batteries. I sent him back."

"Weirdo." He shoved me.

"You went along." I shoved back. "Your hand is very sweaty."

"Oh really?" He took his hand from mine. No! He wiped his hand on his jeans and placed it back in mine. Yes!

After that we walked in silence. Not and awkward silence. A comfortable silence. Like we were admiring the time we had together. It was peaceful.

"Hey Blythe?" He asked


"How do you know when you're in love with someone?" My heart completely dropped.


"How do you know when you're in love? What do you feel? How do you act?"

You feel butterflies in your stomach whenever they look at you. You feel weird when they're not with you. You act like a fool in front of them. You feel longing toward them. You would do anything for them.....You wish they felt the same....

"How would I know? I mean, I don't know. I've never been in love before." I hoped I could fool him because I couldn't fool myself.

"Oh." He said quietly. "I think it's time we head back. We've been out here for two hours." All the enthusiasm left his voice.

He dropped my hand and aggressively shoved them into his pockets.

Did I do something wrong? He turned around and started walking without another word. I followed, staying a bit behind him.

The walk back to my house was quiet and, this time, it was awkward. He never so much as glanced behind him to look at me, which made me think he really was mad at me.

Should I ask what's wrong? We have a long way to go. Maybe I should. I don't even know why he's mad at me. Ok. I'll ask.

As soon and I got up the courage, I saw my house, and for some reason, I lost all my courage. He walked up to my porch and stopped at my door. I quickly followed.

He just looked at his feet for a while, like they were the most interesting thing in the world.

"Want to come in? You can stay for dinner." I tried to break the awkward silence that was suffocating us.

"It's getting late. I'm just going to go home." He never looked me in the eye. Everywhere on me except my eyes.

"Oh. Alright then."

We stood there for a bit longer. The air thickening as seconds passed.

When a car went by, he finally looked me in my eyes. He slowly leaned in and kissed my cheek.

"See ya, Blythe." He said quietly.

I watched as he made his way to his car, slid in, started it and, after sitting for a few minutes, driving away.

I walked into my house, dazed, and sat on my couch.

He kissed my cheek. But I thought he was angry with me. What the hell...

I was giddy with excitement, overcome with confusion, and filled with anger at the same time. I was happy that he kissed me...well on my cheek...still. I was confused because, like I said, I thought he was mad at me. And I was angry because he completely ignored me on the way back from our walk and he had the nerve to kiss me on the cheek.

I had too many clashing emotions to deal with all at once. I wasn't feeling very hungry so I went upstairs to take a nap without eating.

I went to my room, changed into comfy clothes, and slid under the covers. I stared at my clock, which read 6:45.

Mom would be home soon. Hopefully she'll let me sleep.

I went to sleep thinking of how frustrating Nick was being.

What's going on with him?

Ok. So that's the first chapter of the newly reformed "Cold Case". What do you think?!
So it isn't exactly like the old one, but it's the same story. I thought I'd spice it up a bit. You'll keep hearing about the Black Night Killer. You'll keep receiving information about his victims, especially when...I mean if...if you meet him.
Please stay tuned for more chapters!!


P.S. Blythe never got her donkey/piggy back ride! How disappointing!!

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