Who could ever love a Darnei?

Who could ever love a Darnei?

This is a story based on a painting, the painting is Perched and Sat and Nothing More. It's by Jasmine Beckett-Griffith (if i do say so my self the best artist alive) she a fantastic artist! The story picture is of the painting, my first chapter is about the main charecters and such.

Copyright 2011 by Alice Marie

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Chapter 1


Darnei's (Darn-eye): Basically Angels of Darkness. They each have their own bird, typically a Raven.

Deerie's (Deer-e): Light Angels

Sarrna: Earth faerie's


Ourinai (Oo-rin-eye): Deerie: Has short White hair and lovely blue eyes, well they're more turqouise than blue. She is one of the Deerie that DOESN'T look down at the Darnei's. Naraa's best friend

Ariadnay (Are-e-add-nay): Sarna: Naraa's crush, well shes in love with him. He has goldish hair that gets in his eyes but isnt very long. Piercing green eyes. Could care less about Naraa

Naraa (Nare-ah): Darnei: appears in the stories picture, in love with Ariadnay. Writes beautiful poetry and has a Raven named Poe. She is the princess of the Darnei, meaning she can control people's minds and can tuck her pitch-black wings in her back.

Kayla: Human: saw Naraa's wings in gym class locker room, and is out to destroy her. Evil right? well what would you expect from a high-school girl?

Will Naraa survive teenage high-school? Will they find her secret? Can Ourinai keep the secret of Naraa? Will love overcome all?

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