PowerPuff Girls and RowdyRuff Boys: Sophomore Adventure

PowerPuff Girls and RowdyRuff Boys: Sophomore Adventure

Chapter 1

Scene I

Setting: Present Day. At the PowerPuff Girls' house, in PowerPuff Girls' room.

Blossom: (sitting at vanity, turned around to face Bubbles who is looking for a shirt) Bubbles, did you ever finish your Spanish assignment Señora Johnson gave you two days ago?
Bubbles: (turns around to look at Blossom, gives her a thumbs up and a smile) You betcha! (goes back to looking for a shirt)
Blossom: (turns to face Buttercup, who is laying upside down on her bed reading a magazine) Buttercup, did you any homework in the past two weeks?
Buttercup: (glares at Blossom) Whadda you think? (goes back to reading her magazine)
Blossom: Buttercup, don't you think you could at least try to do your homework for once?
Buttercup: (keeps reading magazine) Uh, let me think. No.
Blossom: You really should do your homework. I can't keep doing it for you, Buttercup. I'm the only reason you have a B in every class.
Buttercup: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Bubbles: Ooooh, Blossom, do you think I should wear this today? (holds up a baby blue tank top)
Blossom: Sure, Bubbles. It would look fabulous on you! Blue really is your color.
Bubbles: (puts a hand over her mouth, giggles, and blushes)
Buttercup: (sets magazine on bed and sits up) I'm starving. Let's go see if the Professor made breakfast.
Blossom: Buttercup, we're old enough to make breakfast for ourselves. We're fifteen. We can't keep expecting the Professor to do everything for us.
Buttercup: We don't! We're superheroes, for crying out loud! Since when have we ever expected people to do things for us?!
Blossom: You always have!
Buttercup: Are you kidding me?! I beat all those monsters and villains harder than you do! You think you're so—
Bubbles: Stop fighting!!!
(Blossom and Buttercup turn to look at Bubbles, wide-eyed)
Blossom: Oh, gosh. Sorry, Bubbles.
Bubbles: (sighs and flies out of room)
Buttercup: Man. What's with her?
Blossom: She's obviously upset that we're fighting!
Buttercup: Eh, whatever. Just finish my homework, would ya?
(Buttercup flies out of room. Blossom starts on Buttercup's homework.)

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