Yo Mama Jokes!

OK, people, read this and when I send it to you write all the Yo Mama jokes you know. Make sure they're funny and that you actually get them!!! Please don't repeat any...Thanks.

Chapter 1

Yo Mama Jokes 1

by: Whizzeyes
Yo Mama so stupid she got run over by a parked car.
Yo Mama so stupid she starved to death in a supermarket.
Yo Mama so stupid she wet herself in the bathroom.
Yo Mama so stupid I told her it was chilly outside and she brought a spoon.
Yo Mama so stupid she threw a pebble at the ground and missed.
Yo Mama so stupid I told her to get me a Galaxy and she ran to NASA space station.

Yo Mama so fat she got hit by a bus and yelled, "Who threw that pillow?!"
Yo Mama so fat when she jumped into the sea all the water disappeared.
Yo Mama so fat I had to go for a mile run so I just went around her.

Yo Mama so ugly a blind man screamed and ran away from her.
Yo Mama so ugly when she went into a Mythical Creatures Statue Shop the shopkeeper put a price tag on her that said 'Medusa'.
Yo Mama so ugly she looked at the mirror and it cracked.

Yo Mama so hairy when she gave birth to a baby it got carpet burn.
Yo Mama so hairy a guy put a collar on her and took her home.
Yo Mama so hairy when we went to the zoo the keeper shouted, "That's where our bear went!"

Yo Mama so old I told her to act her age and she died.
Yo Mama so old she got sold at an antique sale.
Yo Mama so old on her birthday she ran out of room to put the candles.


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