A thousand miles (Forever)

A poem. For someone special to me and very close to my heart, always on my mind and a thousand miles away

Chapter 1


A heart can stretch
A thousand mile barrier between us
I reach out to touch you and feel nothing but open air.
The thousand miles of separation
You're close to me, yet so far away
Always on my mind all night and all day
Your face, it haunts my once pleasent dreams
A distraction
An obsession
An adiction i can never break
Yet so far away
My obsession
My life
My distraction
Sweet like honey, yet bitter on my tongue
A thousand miles between us
I feel pain enough for two (because of)
The thousand miles
The thousand miles of pain
The thousand miles of love
Sometimes I regret ever meting you
sometimes i feel the sorrow you feel (alone)
A pain so great it should take three earths to hold I feel in my heart from
The thousand miles
But I still love you (forever)
Forever are you on my mind
Forever in my heart
Forever (eternity is not long enough for this)


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