This Twilight...~Edward Cullen Love Story~

Name: Jessica Cemming
Brown hair, medium, kinda wavy striaght ish
Loves to play guitar and compose her own songs, plays tennis, runs, good at school
Mother died when 3 yrs old, sister already married
Personality: Stubborn, loyal, friendly, pretty. smart
oh, and there is no such thing as "Bella" Jessica IS bella...kinda, sorta XD
5 comments for new chapter !!! Love all, <3 qwertysis

Chapter 1

New Life

by: qwertysis
~ Some people say it is bad to move...but i say it is an opinion. I mean, you miss your hometown, old friends and all, but you can start a whole new life. You can be a different person, and nobody will judge you. ~
~ "Here we aree!!!" sang my dad, Justin Cemmings. I let the edges of my mouth creep up, and abrutly let it turn into a frown. I jumped out of the car slinging my backpack over my shoulder. My dad looked at our new house and parked the car. It was beautiful!! It wasn't very big, but looked so cozy cozy and comfortable. "Thanks dad. :)"I said. My dad looked really suprised and let out a relieved smile. "Anytime honey." We exchanged a hug and went seperate ways to our rooms.
~ I settled on a room in the corner of the house, with decent sunlight and a reading corner. I know, call me a nerd. WHATEVER! XD Forks, Washington... when i enter this town I felt a thick air of mystery, and other things I can't describe, but it is really a tiny town. Everybody in Forks already knew I was going to move here, they even knew what time my flight was! Talk about a little town. :P I sighed and began unpacking my belongings. Maybe, i thought, i will become someone useful. I will become I paused and looked outside my window. Am I cool? I wanted to fit in at Forks High School, but i also wanted to stand out, i wanted to be different. I wanted to be Me.
~ "JESSICAAA!!!!" screamed my dad. "WHATTTT??!?!!?"I hollered back."Come DOWNNNN here!""okkkkkk.....jeez"I sighed and made my way down. I gasped and I couldn't help the tears streaming down from my eyes...My dad had gotten me a NEW CAR!!! I screamed with joy and pulled my dad into a big bear hug. "Thanks so much dad. you don't know how much this means to me..."My dad let a few droplets trcikle from his eye. "Actually I do. When I was your age I wish I had a car. I could sneak out with my girlfriend. You can do the same, only.....-"I cut him off,"haha Dad, you make a great comedian."
~ New car is defianetly(sp?) an indication of a whole new COOL life! Only I was kinda upset. I am 17 and has never had a boyfriend before. That was why I had to cut my dad off from his childhood speech. Too much to bear. I only hoped I could find a cute guy in Forks....that would love me for all my flaws...

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