the haunted house part 1

this story is about a couple that just got married and bought a house. two days in this new house they knew the house was haunted. every thing goes downhill from there.

Chapter 1

The New House

Anna and Anthony just got married. It was August 19th, 2543.They decided to go and buy a house. they searched for days and days and finally found the perfect house, or so they thought. They moved in over the next week. It was a two-story house. Had four bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and a dining room. There was a hall that had all 4 bedrooms connected to it. The master bedrooms had a room and a bathroom connected to it. Two nughts later they heard something but didnt pay attention to it. The next year they had a baby, his name was alex. They re-painted the nursury and got it ready for the newborn. That month that the baby was born they heard something again when they were down in the kitchen and the baby was taking a nap.
BAM! Something fell. It was up in the hall. Anna ran up stairs and the vase that her father had gave her had fell over and broke. The baby woke up and started crying. Anthony followed after her. "What happened" Anthony said. "I dont know. all i know is thst i hesrd s crash and came up here and this vase from my dad was broke"
They did some research about the house.


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