I'm Terrified.


Chapter 1


I think I'm messed up.

Like, a lot messed up.

I cut myself and I believe now that I'm anorexic.

My dad left my mom and I when I was about 5. He gave me the nickname Rory.
All I know about him was that he always came home drunk and sometimes beat my mom. Never me. Just my mom.
Then he would be heartbroken afterwards and cry and hug her and kiss her and curse himself and want to die.
She always forgave him.


But I'm not weak like my mom. My stepdad is exactly like my real one. Only he gambles, too. Yet my mom forgives him continueously. Just like Real Dad.

But I don't. Cause I'm not an idiot. I will never forgive him or my Real Dad or my mom. It's their fault I'm like this. It's their fault I'm so stressed. It's their fault that my wrists are covered in bandaids and it's their fault that I am friendless and that adds to the fact that I'm self-concious about my weight and don't eat anything.

It's their fault.

It's all their fault that my life is pointless.

It's all their fault.

It's all my fault.

Shiit, the tears are flowing now. Great. See what you do to yourself Rory? Go die. You don't deserve to live. The only one you have is Harrison, and I bet he doesn't even love you.

I want to commit suicide.


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