An Angel To Give

I'm doing this for Scorns contest. It's about a orphane girl and girl whos mother is dying. No more information here. Hope you like it!

Chapter 1


My name is Miranda. I'm a runaway orphan. It's two weeks before Christmas and the only gift I want is a family that loves me.

I'm walking along New York trying to find a place that might give me some scraps of food. I'm covered in dirt and sweet. I haven't eaten since last Monday. I cross the street to a bakery with a kind old man who gives me some stale bread every once in a while. I walk tentavely into the shop but stop when I see a police officer. They're still looking for me. I run out of the bakery and into the nearest building. It's a hospital.

I walk the halls trying to find the cafeteria. suddenly I run into a girl around my age. She's crying."Oh! I'm sorry I didn't see you..." She trails off when she see's me."My God why are you so dirty?"

"I'm a runaway. Why are you crying? Are you sick? Do I need to get a nurse?" I ask looking to see if she's about to puke or something.

"No no. My mothers deadly sick. I just came down here for some food. What's you name?"

"Miranda and you?"

"Sophie. Come here. I'm taking you home. I can't stand your stench."Sophie says leading me out and to a apartment building. She takes me up eight floors and into a clean apartment. She hands me a towel and some clothes."I'll be out here when you get out. Try not to use all the shampoo. It's mama's favorite and it's very exspensive.

I nod and walk into the bathroom. Fifteen minutes later I come out clean and in a clean outfit."Sophie what's wrong with your mom?" I ask.

"She has something called heart disease. The doctors say she is very sick and might not come home for christmas. I want mama home for Christmas. Daddy died when I was four and mam is all I have left." Sophie says crying. I pat her back.

"Let's go see your mom. I bet she'll get better if we pray to the angels."I say and we go to the hospital.

We enter a room that's very noisey with beep and drips. Laying on the bed is a frail lady with brown hair. She's very pale and thin. She opens her eyes and beckons to Sophie. She run up to her mom and hugs her tightly.

"Has the doctors said anything mama?"Sophie asks her voice very quiet.

"Oh, honey they said I need a new heart. Baby I'm not going to be home for christmas." the lady says hugging her daughter.

"I can make you a new heart mama hold on." Sophie draws a heart and gives it to her mom who's crying.

"Baby that kind of heart won't work. Who's that by the door?" she asks looking at me.

"Mama that's my new friend Miranda. She stank so I let her take a shower at our house. Mama i want you home for Christmas."Sophie says.

"Miranda do your parents know where you are?" They lady asks me. I shake my head."Where are they sweety?"

"They died when I was a baby. The angels have been taking care of me."I say meekly. The ladies eyes mist over. She beckons me to her and hugs me.

"I'm so sorry sweety." She hugs me and Sophie then asks me politely to leave so she can talk with Sophie alone. i walk into the hall and go to a doctors desk.

"Sir, that lady across the hall with heart disease? I want to give her my heart. I know what it means but I don't got me a family so no one will miss me." I say making the doctor look closely at me with my head barely making it above the counter.

"Child we don't know if you can. Do you mind to give some blood." He says hoping to scare me away.

"Okay." Reluctantly he calls a nurse. She takes some blood and I wait in Sophie's mama's room for the nurse to came back. She calls me into the hall.

"Honey you match Mrs. Bolton's blood type you can give your heart to her but you realize that in doing so you will die?"

"Yes ma'm. But I don't got me a family and if giving my heart,"I say placing my hands over my heart," Will let Sophie have one then it's worth it."

The nurse looks at the girl who so bravely doing what most adults can't. She admire's her and takes her to a room to get ready for the operation.

It's a week a five days until Christmas. I'm being pushed into a operating room and sedated. I vaguely feel my chest being cut but it doesn't hurt. Next my ribs go to my sides. I feel hands in my chest and cutting things. I turn my head and see Sophie's mama being rolled in. I can't look at my chest since a blue thing blocks my view. I get really sleepy. I close my eyes.

Two days later a woman with a eight year old daughter wakes up in her bed with her daughter beside her in a chair. Her chest hurts a little and she can see the stitches. Her daughter runs up to her.

"Mama! Mama! Miranda's heart is in you! Can you feel her?" She asks her mom who jerks in shock.

"That girl gave her life for me. No not me. My daughter." The woman hugs her baby close and weeps softly for a child who had not yet grown up but was more mature than most.

On Christmas Eve Sophie and Eva Bolton comes home. Eva goes into the bathroom and see's a pile of dirty clothes and a note on her favorite shampoo bottle

im sawy i used it all my har was sew dirte tho. pease forgive me. Eva cries and Sophie bursts into the bathroom. She digs through the dirty pants and finds a faded picture of a baby and a man and woman. Eva takes the picture and hangs it in a frame on the wall.

Sophie wakes up Christmas day to a ton of presents under the tree. When she's done with her presents she see's one other present. It's for Miranda. Eva and Sophie goes to Miranda's grave and lays the present down by the headstone that Eva paid for.

Eva looks to the sky where she knows Miranda is playing with her angels and parents.

Merry Chrismas!!!


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