How To Love; A Lil Wayne Love Story

Hey peepz. Here's another story im creating. It's about Lil Wayne. :) Hope you guys like it. :) -Comments pwease?

Chapter 1

Main Characters

Luna Rae {16} (has black straight-wavy hair, brown eyes)
Annabeth Rae {18} (Luna's older sister)
Jared Smith {16} (has brown hair, brown eyes) {Luna's Best Guy Friend}
Grayson Taylor-Love {17} (has brown hair, brown eyes) {Luna's Best Friend}
Jordan Tyler {17} (has black hair and blue eyes)
Ty Roman {17} (brown hair, brown eyes)
Avery James {17} (has light brown hair, green eyes) {Luna's Enemy}
Dwayne Michael Carter (a.k.a: Lil Wayne) {17} {If you know who is, then you should know his appearance}

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