Chapter 1



So, you might be wondering; What's "You"?
Well, "You" is a new group of horror stories that I am introducing. The character has no name, no gender and no features. What does this mean for you, the reader? It means that you can imagine how the character looks. Weather it be girl or boy, blond hair and black hair, a red t-shirt or a pink dress, your "You" is whatever you want it to look like. So, in the end; you get to create your "You".
Now, you might also be wondering; What is the point of this story?
"You" isnt like a usual story, where the next chapter follows the one before. "You" is a group of completely different horror stories. Each one will have a different "You", story line and ending. Ranging from the brink of insanity to creatures following you, "You" is a trip to the human horror. Of course, it wouldn't be very wise to read some of these stories in the dark, alone at home.
So, enjoy! May you read until you feel the shadows creeping up on you, the creatures. May you read until you hear the sounds and feel the horror surround your little heart.

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