Child of Death

This is not an original story mmkay? This is a Harry Potter fanfic. Well, whatever it is, l hope you lke it!

Chapter 1

Dinner of Awkwardness!

by: abaddon
l was always, still am, and probably will always be the odd one out.

Why? Let me explain.

First off, my name is Arianne Cortlyn Lestrange. Ring a bell? lt should. My mother was, well, not necessarily a good person. If you're looking at me like l'm crazy, let me explain, again. The one thing l really can't stand: impatience. She was, actually, they both were, my mom and dad, Death Eaters. Followers of the Dark Lord, Voldemort, who was absolutely terrified of death, and who, ironically, ended up killing himself. Well if you want more details, you're not getting any. l can't talk about things that happened in the past without looking like a complete spazz. Just a weird thing, l guess. Aunt Andromeda (A/N That's fun to say! Try it now!) showed me a picture of her, my aunt Narcissa, and my mother, and I know where l got my looks from! I have the same wild curly black hair and eyes to match, and l could be her twin, eept for the fact tat she's my mom. Anyway, Aunt Narcissa, or Cissy, as everybody apparently calls her sent an owl to me. Here's what she wrote:

/Dear Arianne,

There's a good chance you have no idea who l am, so let me explain. I am your aunt, l have a son, Draco, who has a son, Scorpius, who is going to Hogwarts this year, and if I'm correct, so are you. I'm going to keep this short and sweet: Do you want to come for dinner sometime next week? Please reply soon.

Aunt Cissy/

Well, l went to Aunt Andromeda, or Aunt Andy (I came up with that when l was about four.) and asked her. "Of course, sweetie," she said. Good. This made it alot easier, since the Floo Network doesn't nessecerily love me, if you know what l mean.


When it was time to go, Aunt Andy put this Charm on my hair that is suposed to style it according to my mood. Cool. It immediately pulled itself into a high, sleek ponytail that really showed off my black pearl earrings. This spell works. Aunt Andy helped me with the Floo Network because, like I said I almost always end up in the wrong place. Well, this time it worked. "Malfoy Manor" I shouted into the fireplace as I stepped into the green flames. It felt like i was being shook around; there was dust flying everywhere, so I closed my eyes, but as soon as I did, I appeared in a huge white room.

There were a lot of people with blond hair, a lot meaning four. Actually, one of them was half blond and half black. I was assuming that she was Aunt Cissy. She turned around, and I felt so awkward. Don't say that you wouldn't be if you were in my situation.

So? What do you think? I know it's short but I said it'd be out today, so, yeah... XD


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