I was Enchanted to meet you (Big Time Rush Story)

So guys this is another big time rush story. I will write a chapter about one character and than on to the next. I might change it to a group story if everyone asks for a group story. So hopefully this will work!

Chapter 1

Kelly Smith Chapter

Hi, my name is Kelly Smith. I have reddish-brown hair, medium sized and I have blue eyes. I love to sing and act, and my best friend is Alexis Summer. My family is Austin Smith (Dad), Briannia Smith (Mom), Caterina Smith (Older sister, Cat) and Leah Smith (younger sister). Oh I almost forgot that my mom is pregnant! Yay!

I was in my room, listening to Big Time Rush and on my laptop. My telephone starts ringing so I answered it. A man says "Hello, is Kelly Smith there"? I said "This is her, how may I help you"!? The man said "My name is Gustavo Rocque and I wanted to know if you'd like to do a song with Big Time Rush". I put the phone down and I started screaming. I picked up the phone and said "I'm sorry about that and if I sing a song with Big Time Rush, do I get to stay in Hollywood"? There was silence and waited until he spoke, he than said "Yes you'll get to stay and live at the Palmwood". I was so excited and said "Ok but I want to bring some of my family members and a best friend with me". Gustavo said "That ok, as long its ok with your parents". "Trust me it will be" I said. I hung up the phone and started packing.
Later that day
I told my sister that they were coming with me to Hollywood. They were so happy and were very excited. They started packing and I went downstairs to ask my parents to come with me,cat and leah. They said no and I was upset. My mom said "sweetie we would love to go but I'm pregnant and you're father can't leave work". I was upset and went outside to knock for Alexis.


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