A Poem

by A. R. McIntyre

Chapter 1


It's always been there.
It's never left.
It is something that I bare.
It's sharp, It's dull.
It's a calming lull.

No one gets it, I don't expect them to.
No one knows what I have to do.

They judge me because of my past.
But how long will this life last?
Sometimes it isn't even worth it.
Always tearing me up, bit by bit.

Don't bother cause you can't help.
Don't mind me, just be happy.
Even if I can't I'll try to make sure you smile.
I'll listen to you no matter what.

But the pain only gets worse.
It makes me cry and it makes me scream.
But I deal with it, just like before.
Bare it, even if I'm slipping of the edge a little more.
Everyday, every night it's a battle, it's a fight.
Who will win? The pain is taking over.
But what can I do I'm just one kid.

All alone, I sit at home.
But I guess it's for the best.
But the pain, it's killing me.
Guess it's time to go to sleep.
Say good night. Sleep tight.
Don't you ever let the bed bugs bite.


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