A Poem

by A. R. McIntyre

Chapter 1


Laugh loud.
Smile hard.
Don't let them see your mind.
How scarred.

They don't know.
They never see.
'It's okay.' 'I'm fine.'

A simple smile.
It takes so much energy from me.
It's fake and scarred.
But no one seems to notice.
But It's okay. I'll find away,
To hide myself from the world.
Don't be late. Don't forget.
I'll drown in this river of regret.

I'm so depressed.
These things that I need to get off my chest.
Hey dad, hey mommy.
Why can't life just be easy?
Why do I have to try so hard?
The flesh on my arm is marred.

The smiles aren't real.
Who says life can't be a struggle?
Every tear that I cry.
Never do any good, so tonight.
Looks like I'll just sleep outside.
And forget everything, I'll just lie.
Never tell a soul, maybe I'll just die.

What's it mean to be alive?
To live, to strive.
I'm dying inside.
But I still smile.
Because if I don't they'll send me away.
And I'll be forgotten like yesterday.
Because this is the price I pay.
So I don't wake up screaming the next day.

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