Born This Way

I was inspired by Lady Gaga and Glee. Each chapter will be written by people who are happy to be themselves. We could all use the inspiration.

If you wish to write a chapter, let me know.

Chapter 1


By now, everyone who's reading this has some idea of who I am... or who I portray myself as on here. Now, for a bit of the truth. For the longest time, I had issues with who I was, who I am. I'm not going to lie and say I was the outcast. No, I changed who I was to fit in. For several years, I tried and tried to be who other people wanted me to be.

However, I slowly began to realize I wasn't happy with who I'd become. I was dumbing myself down, dressing how others wanted me to dress, and acting the way I saw the so-called "popular kids" acted. So, one morning, I got out my plaid pants and my striped shirt, and I went to class wearing that. Yes, I looked like a complete idiot, but I didn't care. Because I held my head up high and didn't take crap from those who whispered about me, I gained the respect of those around me. I respected myself, my true self, enough for them to take me seriously.

That year, I was only taking a handful of classes at the local school, as a partially enrolled student. I began applying myself more in my studies, until I graduated in May of this year. In January of next year, I'll be taking college classes, as a more-than-full-time student. I do ballroom dancing, and I've taught myself the basics of archery and fencing.

Another thing that's given me pause over the years is my religion. I've had to deny my beliefs because of family, and where I live/have lived. However, I stopped trying to hide it earlier this year. Anyone who asks about my religion, I tell them, and I've found acceptance for it, in most cases.

And, my words of wisdom after this rambling mess: People will try to change you. Those who truly care, though, they'll accept you. Don't change yourself to make others happy, because baby, you were born this way.

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