One Night Could Change Everything (Teen Love Story)

One Night Could Change Everything (Teen Love Story)

So here it is, my new story :) It's a little slow at first but it does get better, trust me. I've been writing it to be more like an actual book story. There will be drama and slow parts so just go with it, ha. I would really like my readers opinions so please comment and let me know what you think. Enjoy ;)

Chapter 49

It's like Twister...But naked.

A soon as Scott was gone I turned and surveyed Aaron. His mouth was all bloody, which made me believe that Scott had hit his lip ring. His bottom lip was already starting to swell. It looked painful, but Aaron just stared at me, not seeming to mind. My hand was still gripping his shoulder tightly, but I used my other hand to push the hair out of his face and eyes so it wouldn't get all sticky from the blood. "Stop Chloe, your hands, my blood-"

"Shh it's fine Aaron." I wasn't worried about the red stuff, (I was pretending it was some other type of red liquid otherwise I might start to freak out.) "Come on, you need to see the nurse." I said, getting to my feet. "Just give me a sec." he mumbled. He was quickly trying to wipe his mouth on the sleeve of his shirt, but it was hopeless because more blood would just flow. He gave up and held out his hand.

I pulled him to his feet and kept an arm around his waist as we walked to the nurses office. "Well today didn't go at all how I thought it would." He mumbled. "I can't believe you're making jokes right now." I sighed. "Oh come on Chloe, I'll probably be making jokes on my deathbed." he replied. My nose scrunched up. I didn't want to hear him casually talking about death. Even if it was a joke. We finally made it to the nurses office and went inside.

"Oh my goodness what happened?" the nurse demanded. She was an old-grandmotherly type. Aaron went to pull away from me but naturally I clung like a koala bear. "Nothing too bad, just ran into a locker." he said with shrug. "All this blood from a locker?" She asked skeptically. He gave an embarrassed smile. "Yeah, I'm pretty clumsy." She knew he was lying but didn't push the subject any more.

"Alright then, come take a seat and I'll see what I can do to stop the bleeding...Uh, dear, you're going to have to let him go." She said, giving me a strange look. "Oh sorry." I mumbled and moved out of their way. Aaron sat down on a cot while she rushed around the office grabbing gauze and cotton swabs. She mopped up most of the blood on his chin then shoved a big white pad of gauze to his mouth.

"Make sure to keep pressure dear, I'm going to get an icepack for you." She said and left. We were the only ones in the office now. Aaron lowered the gauze, playing with something on his lip. It took me a moment to realize he was taking out the lip ring. He got it out and stared at it. "Would you like me to rinse it off?" I offered. "Sure, thanks." he said. I took it to the sink, running it under the water. I went to give it back but he shook his head.

"No, um, do you think you could just hold onto it for awhile, for me, please?" I glanced down at him. Aaron hadn't deserved to get hit. Not at all. He looked so pitiful. Blood on his shirt, hair all messy, mouth swollen. God, I could totally kill Scott right now. I hated Aaron being hurt, I never wanted to see him like this ever again. It made everything worse to know that I was the cause for his discomfort. Ugh.

"Okay." I whispered and returned to my seat across from the cot he was occupying. I slipped the ring into my pocket. Neither of us spoke for a bit. Suddenly Aaron chuckled. "What's so funny?" I asked. "I know you have something to say Chloe, I can practically hear you thinking. So out with it." he said. We stared at eachother. I finally burst. "Aaron I'm so, so, so, a million times sorry! This is all my fault, if I-"

"Wait, how is this your fault?" he cut in. "How is this my fault? Are you kidding me! It's all my fault, because if I hadn't been...Been, I and Scott- Stop laughing!" I pretty much yelled. He stopped, but still smiled around the gauze. "Chloe this is not your fault, okay? It's mine, if I hadn't been such a little punk Scott wouldn't have slugged me. And by the way, don't you remember me telling you that I deserved at least one hit from him anyways? And that neither of us was going to stop him, remember that?" he asked.

I bit my lip. "But...But you, got h-hurt." I mumbled. He sighed. "I'm okay, really." he said, then added; "It wasn't that good of a punch though, I'm surprised. I figured him being a football player he'd have more force." I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. Only Aaron would say it wasn't a good punch while bleeding freely. "I'm so sorry Aaron." I said again. "Stop blaming yourself, I'll live." He said dismissively. "Fine." I groaned, giving in.

"My lip is actually starting to sting now, would you possibly mind distracting me, please?" he said. I got up and sat next to him on the cot. "What do you want me to do?" I asked. His arm slid around my waist and I fitted into his side. "Well...Normally I'd suggest making out, but I doubt you'd like to taste my blood and the thought of having to use my lips right now, hm, yeah I'd rather not. So just talk, I like talking with you." he said. I smiled.

I racked my brain for something to talk to him about, but I was so stuck on wanting to scream at Scott, that I was coming up blank. So naturally I spit out the first, stupid thing. "Do you like s_x?" I burst than blushed violently. Why oh why did I have to say that?? I seriously need to get a filter installed in my head. He laughed. "Wow Chloe, that was pretty blunt." He snorted. "I'm sorry, uh nevermind. God!" I buried my face in my hands, never feeling more embarrassed.

I felt him pat my back. "Chill, I guess we really are open with eachother, huh? Would you still like to um, know the answer to your question?" He inquired. Face still buried in my hands, I shrugged. "Chloe, you do realize I'm a guy right? And all guys, and I do mean 'all' of us, love to, you know, get down and dirty if you catch my drift." he said with a laugh. "Mmkay." I mumbled through my hands.

"Don't be embarrassed sweetheart, even though I find you hiding behind your little hands quite adorable, you shouldn't be worried about me thinking you're weird for asking that. We're teenagers ruled by our hormones." he said and leaned his cheek against the top of my head. I sighed hugely and glanced up, meeting his eyes. "I don't even know where that came from to be honest. My mind is pretty scattered right now." I muttered. He shrugged.

"It's fine that you asked me that, s_x is great, makes you feel...Well I can't exactly explain that and have you fully understand, what with you being a virgin and all." He said and gave a smirk which turned into a grimace. "Oh my gosh are you okay?" I asked, my hands fluttering around uselessly. "It's fine, I'm fine, and you are fine." He said while rubbing his jaw. "Aaron.."

"Now that I think about it, s_x is like Twister, you know? The game with the colored dots and stuff? You just play it naked. Hmm...Actually, no. That's not accurate at all, it's not like Twister in the least. God, why do people make that reference anyways?" I stared at him. "Aaron are you rambling to distract me from freaking out, or to distract yourself from the pain?" I asked. He avoided my gaze like a guilty little boy. Freaken adorable is what it was.

"I see. Well once the nurse finally get's back with that icepack you are going home and taking some medicine." He went to interupt but I shook my head. "You're not talking your way out of this, home, medicine, bed. Got it?" He considered then nodded. "Fine, you win, happy?" I leaned over and kissed his forehead. "Now I'm happy. Oh, by the way, my hands are not little, they're normal." I said and hopped off the cot. He rolled his eyes. "Mh hm, sure sweety, they're perfectly normal size, whatever you say." "Yup, whatever I say."

(I decided to be nice and upload a new chapter a whole day early! I know, I know, I'm amazing. Just thank me by leaving your thoughts please!)

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