One Night Could Change Everything (Teen Love Story)

One Night Could Change Everything (Teen Love Story)

So here it is, my new story :) It's a little slow at first but it does get better, trust me. I've been writing it to be more like an actual book story. There will be drama and slow parts so just go with it, ha. I would really like my readers opinions so please comment and let me know what you think. Enjoy ;)

Chapter 48

Over my dead body.

"Is it weird that I feel...Different?" Aaron asked through the phone the next morning. I was in my car almost to school. After many sweet kisses and gentle touches between us Aaron had went home and we've basically been on the phone since. Just talking about absolutely everything and anything. But now it was time for school and I hated the fact that I had to go and see Scott after admitting my love to Aaron.

I resigned myself to the fact that I'm a cheater. That's just the way it is. I fell in love with an amazing guy while in a relationship with another amazing guy. "No, not weird. I feel different too." I said, pulling up to a stop sign. "Chloe?" "Yes?" "What's...What's going to happen today?" he asked hesitantly. That was a good question. I had pretty much put everything I felt on the table for Aaron.

We didn't have any secrets from eachother now. Thanks to a few texts, Alyssa knew too. The only one who was still in the dark was Scott. "I think, um, I think that maybe today we should just keep our distance, at least until I get a chance to talk to Scott." I said with a sigh. I didn't like the idea of staying away from Aaron, mostly because I could never stick to it. He didn't like it either.

"Chloe..." "I know Aaron. Oh, where are you?" I asked, turning the corner, about a mile from school. "Just passed the Mcdonalds.." He said. "Really?" I asked, checking my rearview mirror. Aaron's charger was only a little bit behind me. "Yeah why...Oh is that you up there?" He asked. I couldn't help but smile. "Mh hm." "Huh, we got here together, how strange." he said, sounding amused. I knew he was smiling as well.

I pulled into the school parking lot, Aaron pulled up next to me. "Hold on a sec, don't get out." he said. "Um okay." I glanced out my window over at him. He got out, phone still to his ear and came over to my door. He smiled and opened my door for me. I shook my head and got out. "I suppose we can hang up now." I said. "Yeah, let's do that." We both put our phones away then stood face to face.

"So...We're keeping our distance today?" He asked. Maybe it was just my imagination but God, Aaron looked even more handsome than usual. I bit my lip and nodded slowly. "Okay." he sighed. "You sound sad." I said. He shrugged, looking into my eyes. "It's like I said on the phone Chloe, I...Feel different now. Having to stay away from you is going to, well, uh, hurt." He admitted with a sheepish little smile.

It was completely adorable. "Aaron." I sighed, smiling to myself. Inside I was marveling over the fact that he obviously has strong feelings for me. I had always been so skeptical of whether or not it would even be possible for him to like me back, and now... Now nothing is the same. We stood facing eachother for another long moment before I sighed. "School's about to start, let's go." I said and went to turn but Aaron caught my hand.

"Chloe, before we go in and you spend the day avoiding me-" "It's not like I want to-" "Shh, I know, I'm just saying. Before we go in, do you think I could have just, maybe one kiss?" He asked. How was I supposed to refuse those eyes? "Uh, okay, but it has to be quick-" His lips covered mine before I could finish my sentence and his hands cupped the side of my face. I moaned at the contact.

He has such soft lips, and the cold of the lip ring is just, so good. It wasn't a fierce kiss, but it was enough to have my toes curl uncomfortably in my shoes. He pulled back after a small eternity and placed another peck to each corner of my mouth. I tried not to protest when he released me completely. "I..That..Um, yeah, we have class. Let's go." He said. I was pleased to notice he sounded breathless. "Alright."

We walked together into school but had to part for our individual classes. He gave me a sad smile and was gone. I had a feeling I was in for a long day. After my first two classes Alyssa caught up with me. "How's it going?" She asked, sounding as anxious as I felt. I had yet to talk directly to Scott. "Fine so far, although my next class is with Scott." I said, then added; "We kissed this morning 'Lyss."

"You and Aaron?" I nodded guiltily. "Chloe.." She said while shaking her head. "I know!" I groaned. "It's okay. Don't think about that right now, just, you know, focus on what you're going to say to Scott, and more importantly, how you're going to act." She said. I raised an eyebrow. "Care to elaborate?" "Look Chloe, you can't go acting all, squirmy and guilty or he's going to figure you out." She explained.

"Um, squirmy?" "Shut up, everyone in the history of the world gets squirmy when they have something to hide and you know it!" She said and pushed me along because the bell had rang. I sat down at my desk and a moment later Scott flopped down next to me. "Good morning." he said and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I did my best to smile and not scringe away. "Hey."

"Everything good with you?" he asked. Don't be squirmy. I reminded myself. "Yeah of course. How was practice?" For most of the class I let Scott carry on about football doing my best to be interested and talk as little as possible. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be to keep a secret from Scott. Which is not a good thing. I shouldn't be good at keeping things from my boyfriend. After class I followed him to his locker.

"Do want to do something after school?" he asked, putting his books away. "Um, I might have to work, but I'll let you know." I lied lamely. He didn't notice, but nodded and trotted off to his next class. I stood by his locker watching him go for a moment feeling bad. I hate lying to him. Oh well. I walked down the hall maybe two whole steps and ran right into Aaron.

"Watch where you're goi- oh Chloe, sorry." He said, his arms outstretched in case I fell. "Oh, I'm fine, no big deal." I muttered, flustered. Other students were filing past us, cramping us close together. He glanced down at me and frowned slightly. "Crap, I messed up your hair a bit." he said. "It's always messy." I mumbled. He gave me an eyeroll and hesitantly reached up to sweep strands of my hair behind my ear.

I stared up at him, wondering what he was thinking. He let his hand drift to the side of my neck, his fingertips barely ghosting along my ear. I was trying to remember how to breathe. "Hey get you're hands off my girlfriend!" Came a loud voice. I turned to see Scott pushing through the crowd looking beyond pissed. Aaron dropped his hand and gave him a mildly interested look.

"Scott no, calm down! It's not what it looks like! We ran into eachother and he was trying to fix my hair! Scott!" I could have been screaming at the top of my lungs for all the progress I was making. Scott was now right next to us, not listening to me at all. "What the hell is your problem?" Scott demanded, getting in Aaron's face. Aaron stepped back a bit, but otherwise ignored Scott. "Scott please-" "Be quiet Chloe!" Scott growled giving me a bitter glance before turing his glare back on Aaron.

"Who do you think you are touching my girlfriend?" Aaron crossed his arms over his chest, clearly annoyed, but otherwise untroubled. He wasn't threatened by Scott. I was scared. "Listen, I wouldn't be touching your 'girlfriend' if I didn't think she would enjoy it." Aaron said giving a tiny smirk. He was taunting Scott. I felt my eyes bug out. Was he serious right now? Before I could think of some response to say Scott had leaned back and punched Aaron right in the jaw/mouth region.

"No!" I shreiked, hopping in front of Scott's fist before he could hit him again. Aaron had slid down onto the floor, his back against the locker. "Move Chloe!" Scott hissed, doing his best to get around me. I gave his chest a shove, which honestly did nothing seeing as he's so much bigger than me. So, not wanting Aaron to get hurt any more, I dropped to the ground too and pulled Aaron against me.

Aaron tried to push me away weakly, but I refused to release him. Scott stared down at me, outraged. "Chloe get the hell out of here, this is not your fight!" he said. "He's right, go." Aaron muttered, still struggling. I only held him tighter to me. "No! You will not fight, and Scott, you're not going to touch him again!" I growled, giving Scott my best b__tch glare. I oddly felt like a mother protecting her child.

He just stared down at me looking...Lost. "Please just leave Scott." I begged. Where Aaron's head was resting against my shoulder I could feel wetness. God, blood. "I can't believe you Chloe, you, and...and him, you...F_vck!" Scott groaned and stalked off. I ignored the fact that his face had been devastated. As much as it hurt I couldn’t consider Scott's feelings right now. I needed to get Aaron to the nurses office.

(So...Anyone enjoy the bit of drama? Huh, anyone? If so comment! If you didn't, well...Comment anyways! Oh, and my computer kept messing up the quotation marks, so if there is a random little symbol, I apologize, I tried to get most of them)

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