One Night Could Change Everything (Teen Love Story)

One Night Could Change Everything (Teen Love Story)

So here it is, my new story :) It's a little slow at first but it does get better, trust me. I've been writing it to be more like an actual book story. There will be drama and slow parts so just go with it, ha. I would really like my readers opinions so please comment and let me know what you think. Enjoy ;)

Chapter 3

You gotta love world history class...Actually, no you don't!

By the time I got to my locker Alyssa was there waiting. "You're not mad at me are you?" She asked right away. "Why, should I be?" I asked while opening the locker. "Well no, but you seemed upset this morning on the phone." She said and stole a piece of gum from my bag. "I'm not upset, but I was a little miffed that you want me to watch Scott, like he's going to cheat on me the first chance he gets." I said and started walking to class with Alyssa next to me. "Hey I never said that he was, and I don't think he would, you trust him so I trust him. It's Holly I don't trust." She explained. I nodded my head in agreement. "She's such a sluut." Alyssa continued.

Just then Scott came around the corner and picked me up in one of his bear hugs he was known for. "Hey 'Lssa you shouldn't call Chloe names." Scott joked over my shoulder. "Oh ha ha Scott, see you at lunch Chloe." She said and gave me a look. I sighed. Scott set me down and kissed me. Just like everything else about Scott, his kisses are unique. Sweet and tender, but firm and so good at the same time. "How's your morning been?" he asked and took my hand. By the time we got to math class I had told Scott all about the omlete fiasco. He sat down at the desk next to me, trying to stop laughing. "I'm glad you think my mom almost setting my kitchen on fire is amusing." I said with some sarcasm. He shrugged. "Sorry, it's just that I can see your mom doing something like that, she's so funny." he laughed. I smiled because it was true. Typical mom.

The rest of the morning went by without incident, looked like a regular day of school, until world history class. I'm not usually a complainer but I hate this class. It has the worst location in the whole school so when you're bored you have nothing to look out the window at. I'm a good student averaging A's and B's but this is the only class I've gotten lower than a C. The work is dry and pointless making it nearly impossible to focus. And the thing Everyone hates about this class is the teacher Mr. Goodman. He's the biggest azz in the world. Ironic that his name is Goodman, huh? I think that making his students' lives horrible is his mission in life.

When I get to my desk I see that he already passed out yesterdays test scores. Surprise surprise I got a C-. Jerk. I studied forever for that test. Leaning over to see the score I got Scott gives me a sympathetic shrug. Right before the bell rings Holly walks in wearing stupid booty shorts and a tight pink tanktop. It's 50 degrees out and thats what she's wearing. Ugh. She walks to her desk, eyes searching the class until she spots Scott. She gives him a flirty little wave. He was looking into his bag and didn't see luckily. Alyssa was right, she wants my boyfriend. Great.

"Alright class, you'll see that I have already passed out your tests from yesterday, as you can see most of you didn't do so well." Mr. Goodman said in his hollow voice. I swear his eyes lingered on me when he said the last part. He goes on about how he's disappointed with the class, blah blah blah. I tune him out for most of the class. I'm staring at the clock when out of the corner of my eye I see Holly writing a note and passing it to the girl next to her then motioning for her to pass it on. No big deal until I realize that the note is heading for Scott. Now I'm mad, pissed actually. I lean forward and intercept it before Scott notices.

I wait for Mr. Goodman's back to be turned before I open it and read: Hey cutie I broke up with Jason. I'm really sad. Think you could lend a shoulder to cry on? I shove the note in my pocket and try not to jump over my desk and tackle Holly. I'm so focused on not attacking her that I miss the question Mr. Goodman just asked me. "Um, could you repeat that please?" I asked, even though I know that he won't. "Ms. Reid, is my class not interesting enough for you?" He asks loudly. Everyone is staring, Holly is smiling. "Uh no sir, that's not it-" He interupts even louder. "Perhaps you would like to finish your'e daydreaming in detention?" I say nothing. "You've wasted enough of my time today Ms. Reid, get to detention." He said and writes a slip. I take it and walk slowly, wasting as much time as I can to detention.

When I get there I give the slip to the teacher and sit down. After 20 long minutes the bell rings for lunch. I leave for the cafeteria. I sat at a table with Scott and Alyssa and the rest of our friends. I put my face down on the table, hating Mr. Goodman. Scott pats my shoulder. "It's Okay sweety everyone hates him." he said like he could read my mind. I laughed, feeling better. "It's not just him." I said and sat up. "Holly too." I said and watched his face for his reaction. He frowned. "What did she do?" he asked. I looked at Alyssa for help. She nodded and explained to him what she had told me on the phone this morning, all except the part about how I should watch him of course.

When she was done he sighed. "Come on 'Lyssa, you don't know for sure that she even said any of that, it could have just been gossip." He said. Alyssa glanced at me. I pulled out the note from class and gave it to him. He read it then, surprisingly, laughed. "Wow she's really putting herself out there isn't she?" He said and laughed again. He has an adorable laugh, but right then it was getting on my nerves. I glared at him. "So you don't think this is something to worry about?" I asked, frustrated. He held his hand under my chin and looked into my eyes. "There is nothing to worry about, I love you, not her okay?" He said with a smile. "Okay." I sighed. He leaned down and kissed me. "Are you going to Courtney's party tonight?" I asked when he pulled away. "Nah, I have practice tonight." He said. "I hate that my boyfriend's a popular football player." I said with a smile. He shrugged, smiling back. "Are you going?" He asked. "After the day I've had, I could use a party."

(If you like the story more comments would be appreciated, and if you could tell more people about this story I would really be happy :)

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