Live, Laugh, Love (sequel to Hayley Capello)

Well, I thought about it and I have decided to redo this story. It will be alot like the actual one but there will be more to it. I kept thinking of more and more ideas and needed to add them. so here it is.

Chapter 1

A Second Chance at Life

This was it. My second chance at life. For awhile people thought me dead. But thanks to my amazing sister, Clara, I'm still here. The Great Hall was full of people talking and laughing. How the sound filled my ears and made me smile.
How I longed to walk around and talk to my friends! The war was over and I couldnt even move my own arm. I was so tired from the nights events that I began dozing off.
I could still hear the voices around me as I began to fall asleep.
"George, Madame Pomphrey thinks it best that Hayley's taken to St. Mungo's." I heard my sister say. After hearing this I was picked up and could tell I was being apparated to the place that was so recently mentioned.
I was admitted to the hospital and taken to a room where I would soon stay for a while. I was placed upon a very comfortable bed. All I heard was silence. It didnt last long however. I could tell people were piling into the room to see a near death survivor of the battle. I opened my eyes slowly.
The entire Weasley family, Hermione, Clara and Harry were there. All of them with scars and bruises clearly visible. I smiled at the group. Then I laughed. It hurt for as I was so weak from torture. But the sound. The sound made me so happy.
"Whats so funny?" The voice, so calming, a voice I never thought I would hear again, came from beside me. I turned my head slowly and saw the brown eyes of the one I love. George. I smiled again. Something he never ceased to make me do.
When I spoke to answer his question my voice was small and raspy. "I'm alive. I'm laughing at the fact that I can be here with all of you and that I've got a second chance at life. Plus, the sound, I love it!" The room filled with laughter.
My Healer entered the room and asked that all but immediate family leave the room. They obeyed and only Clara was left behind. I was put in hospital clothes and then the others were let back in.
George once again took his spot next to me while the others stood at the foot of my bed. Fred stood next to his brother.
"I wanted to thank you again for saving me Hay. I owe you. Big time."
"Dont worry about it. Your my friend, I couldnt let it happen."
To Live. To Laugh. To Love.

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