Project Janet

Chapter 1

1. New Orleans and Janet

by: Moco
Chapter One

Four Weeks Ago

His hands were folded on his lap, twitching incessantly. He talked mindless blabber about his 4 children and his alcohol abuse for hours. But I'm payed to listen, help, and apply the help for the rest of my contract. It's the least I can do.

My eyes are searching for some sort of entertainment when he passes out on the couch. Must've been a long day for him. I see my notebook on my lap, and see his name and a long note of Huberts family description. Hubert Fershey. Hubert's been married for twelve years, three daughters and one son. Two of the girls are twins, Rosa and Valerie, they are as beautiful as ever, from what I heard from him. Long blonde hair, big blue eyes, both almost 20 years old. The only son, Bryant, is tall and built. He probably is better looking than me, and taller. Bryant works in New York, I forgot what job though.

The other daughter, (and yes, he does emphasize the "other") Janet, is skinny and different. Long hair too, like the twins. But she has brown hair like her mother and Bryant. She skates, does crack, suffers from anorexia, and has poor social skills. Dark chocolate brown eyes, and unique complexion. She is the youngest, 17, and the only outcast of the family. Again, Hubert says how much Janet loves to skate. It's the only thing in her world that makes her happy... and the only thing he can say about her. But I met Janet because of Hubert, he recommended I try to help her.

Present Time

The apartment I chose had floral wallpaper with mildew in the corners, and tacky furniture. I came from Covington, Louisiana to help Janet in New Orleans. I just got my apartment, and I'm waiting for Janet to get back from work. Her job, which Hubert didn't know about, was a dancer at the local strip club.

The door slowly creeped open, and I see long skinny legs with fishnet stockings on and high heels step in. Janet takes a drag, and holds her weed at her side. With a simplified emotion, she says, "Hey, Mickey. Want a hit?" She motions the weed to me. I shake my head and rest my arms on the counter. "Guess w-," I cut her off immediately. "Jani, I thought you said you weren't gonna do weed today?" She frowns and says, "Its the only joint I've done all day, Mick...," she drops the weed and steps on it. I sigh. "What were you saying?" Janet looks at me like I'm the biggest jerk out there. "Fu## it, it's nothing!" She throws on a dark brown sweatshirt over her dancer top and walks out, grabbing her skates and slamming the door behind her. I go after her, shaking my head. "Janet, i'm sorry," I shout. "I'm only trying to help you!" I get goosebumps from the cold outside. I see her at the bottom of the stairs, her legs tremble. "Fu## of, Mick! I just want to be alone, why did Hubert have to send you?!" I stop following her, watching her stumble away on her heels. I'm numb either because of the cold, or me trying not to get angry. "Pretty sure she'd going to work again," I mumble. When I'm walking inside, I lock the door behind me. I look down to my feet, seeing the weed she smothered under her shoe. "This is going to take awhile...," I sigh.


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