A Bad Boy Love Story (Comment and Rate, Please!)

Okay so this is a bad boy story! :D I hope you like it.
Oh and you choose the name!

You're 17.

Chapter 3

Godamn him...

by: stopomg
"Okay, class! Get started on your assignment. You only have 2 weeks to write this, and it must be 10 pages, typed up, in 12 font, so I am suggesting that you get together with your partner out of school and work on it then as well. Alright, start! "

Great, I have to spend out of school with him too...Aggggghhhhh! Godamnit!

I felt a tap on my shoulder. Donny. He was smirking.
"So, we're paired up together..." then he winked. Okay that did it.

The desks were high enough that you could see anyone's stomach. So as hard as I could I punched him in the stomach.

Well that sure got him. "Mggghmmmmmmmm!!!!" he groaned in pain, trying to muffle it. I bent over to his ear.

"I swear, if you wink at me, touch me, or do ANYTHING else to me, I will hurt you." I said quietly in his ear.

~Donny's POV~
Fvck that hurt! That girl had a hard punch. "I swear, if you wink at me, touch me, or do ANYTHING else to me, I will hurt you." she whispered in my ear. God, she was so hot up close.
~Normal POV~
He sat upright quickly. Then he smirked at me. "Okay, okay you win....for now" he mumbled the last part. "Whatever" I said rolling my eyes. We were both silent for a bit. "So...When should we get together, you know after school?" he asked with his glued on smirk. "Whenever" I said, making it clear I wasn't too crazy about the idea.
"How about Thursday and Friday?" he asked. "Sure" I sighed.
"_?" he asked.
"WHAT?!" I was really getting annoyed.
"Why do you hate me so much?" he asked. He looked like he actually wanted to know.

"Well that's the bell, gotta go." I said quickly.

"Wait, __" he said grabbing my hand. I stopped. His hand was nice. It was warm, and It had a secure feeling to it. I realized I was staring at our entwined hands. Then, I realized, who he was. So I pulled my hand away, and walked out the door.

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