A Bad Boy Love Story (Comment and Rate, Please!)

Okay so this is a bad boy story! :D I hope you like it.
Oh and you choose the name!

You're 17.

Chapter 2

Just Peachy

by: stopomg
The bell rang, signaling lunch break. I sighed and made my way out of my Geography. I then went to the lunch room. It was big, and lots of people were bustling about to get food. My mom had already packed me a lunch so I sat down lamely at a remote table. I opened my brown paper bag. Roast beef sandwich. I took a big bite.
Then I heard someone sit down across from me. I looked up. I smiled it was Amanda.
"Hey" she said in a nice tone. "Hey, what's up?" I asked. "Not much," she said sitting down, "So how do you like St.Alfred's?" she asked. "It's nice, so far" She laughed "So far?"
I laughed with her. "Yeah.."
Then he caught my eye. Mr.WatchWhereYourGoing. Okay as much as I disliked him, I still had to admit he was pretty good looking. Okay, okay, VERY good looking. He was wearing a black sweater, with the sleeves rolled up. He looked sort of muscular. His face looked somewhat at ease. But a smirk played on his lips. His perfect, beautiful, amazing lips.....

Wait, NO! I can't think like that. He's an idiot. Or he was the first 10 seconds I met him for.

"Hey," I said trying to sound casual "Who's that?" I directed her to him with my eyes.
She let out a disgusted sound. "Ugh, that's Donny...... or Donovan, whatever."
"You don't like him?" I asked. "No. I hate him." she said. "Why?" I asked.
"Ummm, he's a player and he tries to act all tough-azz"
I got the feeling she wasn't telling me something, but I let it drop.
"So, does he have a girlfriend?" I asked, REALLY trying to sound like I didn't care.
"Nope, I'm guessing he's finally dated/screwed the schools population." she puased, "Then again, half the s/k/a/n/k/s he dated would probably take him back in 1 second, just to get in his bed" she rolled her eyes.

I should have known, he definitely had the looks of a player...

"Hey, __ just, ....just don't fall for him. Cause he WILL let you down. He let down all of us..." she muttered the last part, but I heard it.

"Did something happen between you?" I asked softly.

"We-" but then the bell cut her off. Goddamnit I hate that bell.

"Uhhmmmmm, I'll see you later __" she said rather quickly.

"Okay.." I replied.

I sighed and got up throwing my trash into a nearby garbage can.

Time for Biology

I loved Biology it was one subject that I truly liked. I liked learning about our ecosystem and animals, mammals, the insect world and.....Well you get the picture.

Anyway I would need to do good in Biology if I wanted to get into Harad (Pretend it's a college thing :P) I NEEDED to go here, it was my dream.

Here it is, room 317

I opened the door and stepped in. The teacher looked up from his book. He had soft, graying, brown hair.

You walked up to him

"Ahhh" he said, "you must be __"
"Yeah" I replied.
"Well, here are your books, and you should be caught up quickly. We're just about to start a new assignment, so your just on time for that" he said with a warm smile.
"Okay" I said

I sat down in an empty desk, then he walked in. OF course. Donny.

"I see your late once again Mr.Davies, what's your excuse this time.?" he asked as if it were a routine.

He flashed a smile. "Sorry Mr.Braski, I was just caught up in my homework"
Mr.Braski rolled his eyes, "Just sit down Mr.Davies"

He sat down at a desk two desks away from me. The desk in between us was empty.
I glanced over to him. I was surprised when I saw he was looking at me. Except his eyes were a bit far down. Suddenly I realized what he was looking at.
I picked up a pen in my desk and threw it at him. That snapped him out of it.

~Donny's POV~
Ouch, that pen hit my face. But holy shiiiiit that girl had a hot azz. And not to mention those legs! This girl looked like she seriously hated me though.
Okay, so maybe I was a bit of an azz to her. But, I bet she secretly wants to get in my bed, I mean come on, EVERYONE does.
~Normal POV~

"Now class, I have already paired you up for this assignment, as you know, it is on our study of plants and you must make a complete project to explain our ecosystem"

"Here are your pairs
Angela and Denis,
Sabrina and Talon,
Sophie and Sam,
Alex and Natalie,
Drew and Mark,
Mike and Arnold,
Christina and Emily,
Zach and Evan,
Matt and Ryan,
And, Miss.___ you can be with Mr. Davies.
He pointed to Donny.
Great, just Peachy.


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