Will you fall for a Demon, Vampyre, Lycan, Angel or Neko? Part 6

So Valek is dead, Marius brought Tyrone back as a ghost and u passed out.
In this part u have a heart to heart with Tyrone

Chapter 1

Part 6

You slowly fight your way back to consciousness. Opening your eyes, u look dazedly around the room Zain found you locked in before. You cant remember what happened and then it all rushes back. Gasping you sit up. Zain is sittting by you on the bed, he watches you warily.
"Is Tyrone reakky alright?" u ask and sigh in relief when he nods. you notice a flash of hurt go through his eyes. You start to wonder y when Tyrone drifts through the walls.

"That is so creepy, yet also incredibly cool" you mutter. Zain stands up and leaves.
"Im so sorry" u blurt out and tyrone drifts closer. He sits down next to you.

"I like you" he says and u look at him in surprise " i thought we would have been together" all his former harshness is gone.
"Ty..." you murmur.
"No, now we cant. Im a ghost what kind of life could i give u, i cant even touch you" as if to prove his point, he waves a hand at you and passes right through your stomach.
"Ty, why did you jump in front of me?" u ask him, still getting used to the fact that you can see through him.
"Because i love you" he says, u gasp in surprise.
"Oh, ty..." u dont know what to say.
"It's okay, im going to be avoiding u for a while okay? because i want u and cant have you" u nod and he gets up, looing extreely sad.

You feel a tear drip down yuour face and u curl up n the bed. What a mess. Closing your eyes, u try to fall asleep but cant. groaning u roll onto your back, the door opens and zain walks in.
"Need some help?" he asks."with what?" u frown.
"Sleeping" he says, ur eyes pop open and u stare at him disbeleivingly.
"For the love of night, Val. I meant helping you sleep" u breath a sigh of releif but cant help a little part of you that is disappointed. Zain whistles and Koiry comes into the room, transforming into a fluffy cat.

He curls up at you side and you cuddle him, calming and slipping, u feel something brush your forehead but cant bother opening your eyes.


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