When Love Takes Over ~~ Starkid and Twilight story

I love Twilight and Starkid so I'm writing this ;D it will be amazing!

Chapter 1


Kitten Delia Candace Potter, iz mi nam butt ppl jus cal me KITTYYYY, potter lyk da wizard, bt im nut a wisard lol. ima vampire, bt i have a niser tan insted of bing rly pale nd i dun drnk blood bc dats gros!. i liv wif the cullens nd i luv thm lyk a famly. xcept 4 edward hu i luv bc he doesnt knw bella swan!

i hav rly long whit/blond hare nd i style it like a scene kidz. i gt purple is insteed of gold or red bc im specal. I can turn in2 a meremaid, carlilse sa\id dats my pwer! itz sooo coool!!!

1 dae i was wqalkin arond illionios when i saw..................................... JOEY RITCHER FROMM STARKID!


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