Survival Instincts ~Hunger Games~

Ivy and Brett two girls from two different worlds both thrown into the games of their lives.

Hunger Games fanfic. Hope you guys like it.

Originally by the brilliant Suzanne Collins, my version of her idea.

Chapter 1

The Reaping: Part One

We were all lined up now. Girls on one side of the line, guys on the other. My hand was being squished by my twin sister Cora’s.
I looked at her hoping to be reassuring. I was looking into her green eyes, the ones we shared. We were the same to look at. A short, too skinny blonde girl lacking a chest, she was taller than me but not by much. Really our only difference look wise was my scar on my right arm; I got it from a hunt. I got shot at. Some idiot thought I was an animal, ok that idiot was Gale Hawthorn. A friend of my brothers but he was still the idiot that didn’t realise I wasn’t on all fours and fury.
Effie Trinket did her bit; she was the spokes person for the Games. A Game that was kill or be killed. Only one could survive.
Two people from each district went in, a total of twenty four and we ended up with one Champion, a champion that would never come from district 12 my district. We had one once, Hamish but no one really mentions him, much if they could help it. That luck person who had the survival instinct.
This was it, the part she announced which lucky person would be our victor.
She looked giddy and excited as she reached into the girls names. Mine was in there close to thirty-seven times. But it got my family food, Dean was strongly against this but being twenty he was eligible for the game anymore. Right now he was looking on at Cora, Gale and me with worried looks.
“Ivy Rhodes,” Effie said into the microphone.
You’ve got to be kidding me I thought. Cora was frozen next to me, her hand loosely in mine.
“I’ll,” she started to say.
“Do it and your dead got it,” I told her sternly. I was the hunter along with Dean in the family. I was the brave one out of the two of us, the reckless one, the stupid one, she was the innocent one and I was one the one who’d already seen blood.
I made my way up to the stand, I looked onto the crowd. Six said faces Gales, Dean’s Cora’s, my mothers, Peta’s and even Katniss’, the rest were as expected on the relieved. At least until she reached into the ballot box once more.
“Cas Jones,” she spoke.
Unintentionally I felt excited and sad. Cas was a nice guy sure he had that troublesome look about him with the tall skinny figure and black hair with matching eyes. He was handsome and three years older than me, I felt a little bad. He almost missed getting picked for the games.
That and I had no doubt he’d kill me if he had to.

Later we were whisked into a separate room for our goodbyes, they were quick. My mother came in first not saying much she just held me and cried. Dean was next and he lectured me we shared a few laughs but when he had to leave he was basically carried out of there I swear I almost caught a tear shedding down his cheek.
Then Peta came in, we talked and he gave me a piece of cake. Aside from Cora I’d always considered him as my best friend.
“Don’t die,” he said as he was leaving.
“Not if you get a say in it,” I teased. The words came out more confident then I felt.
Cora followed; she burst through those doors like it wasn’t there. In that second her arms were around my waist –I was a top hugger even at times like this she didn’t mess with that- I wrapped mine around her shoulders fast after that, and I felt the tears starting to show. All this time I maintained a strong appearance and it fell at the sight of well myself. Looking at Cora was seeing myself in light, I was in the dark. She was innocent and I was tainted.
We didn’t say anything we just stood there crying into each other. The whole competition was really hitting me now.
When I thought them getting Dean out of here was bad, Cora was hell. They literally lifted her up and dragged her out the door despite her many attempts to free herself.
I thought that was hit, five people. 15 years and that was all I had to show for it, four family and one friend.
The door opened.
There stood someone I hadn’t really expected though it made sense. It was him, all likely to be over six feet of him. The typical seam person. Gale Hawthorn with his olive skin and straight black hair and cloudy grey eyes.
“Hawthorn,” I said, hoping to god my eyes weren’t as bloodshot as I suspected they were. “Let me guess, Dean pushed you in here.”
Have I ever mentioned that as Dean’s best friend, he was forbidden and destined to love me. It was complicated. Dean figured as the older brother it was his duty to protect me from all the dangerous men out there, including one he considered to be his closest mate. I’ve dated two guys, each chased off by Dean in either a matter of days or minutes.
So when it came to Gale, he figured. My best friend and my sister, that could only go two ways -yay or die. The only person I know will keep her safe when I can’t.
Except his plan had its flaws. It’s not that I wasn’t attracted to Gale or anything. I mean he was seventeen years worth of genetic amazement. He was handsome yes, hot on the day. Half the girls here had their eyes on him. I just wasn’t one of them.
That and I kind of guessed he preferred the company of Katniss Everdeen.
“No, well yes. I was going to come anyway but yeah he pushed me in here,” he said and took a seat beside me on the worn red couch.
“Dean will be Dean,” a line commonly used by the Rhodes.
“So Rhodes are you going to kick arse or what?”
“Well Hawthorn,” I said. “I figured I should instead run around the place like a lunatic with a machine gun.”
“I like the sound of that Rhodes,” he said ruffling my hair.
They knocked signally he had to go.
We looked up at the door. “Do me a favor?”
“Anything,” I used my best southern accent and lent back in a swoon.
This was how our conversations went.
He smiled and reframed from laughing at me, or at least I guess he did. “Don’t get yourself killed, at least try.”
My smile fell. Try, what he was thinking that I was just going to hide in well depending on the setting I was going to hide somewhere.
“Rightio Captain Hawthorn.,” I saluted at him.
He stood up and headed to the door just before leaving saying, “stay away from poison Ivy.”
That was it.
Katniss came in. She had the same olive skin and straight black hair as Gale they could pass for family. Along with the rest of our town, they were the stand outs like my family and Peta’s and a select few others that didn’t fit the cliché look the Seam had.
“You ready?” she skipped over to me smiling.
“Hell yeah, bring on the games,” I pumped my fist in the air.
“Just come back Ivy, I know we don’t have very good luck but come on please-“ she stopped.
“Kill a bunch of people so I get to stay alive with that on my conscious and feed our district?”
“Or just the last bit, you could try to sneak around only kill if you have to. I’ve seen you hunt your good on your feet.”
“You’ve seen me hunt?” I know that shouldn’t have been my first question.
“Gale and I tend to see you and Dean out on foot while we’re in the tree’s, ever heard of a bow and arrow? They come in handy,” she said. Arrows where her thing, me I was quite rubbish.
“I’ll stick with my dagger,” I told her. I was good with it; I’d learnt how to make them out of wood as well. I knew how to do snares thanks to Gale and I could aim thanks to Dean, he helped with running and swimming to.
Knock Knock I hugged her goodbye and tried to prepare myself for the horror’s I was sure to face soon.

Uh I guess that’s chapter one tell me if you like it or if you want to be in it or yeah comment. Oh and this is told from two districts so 12 and sevens girls are taken if you wanted to be in it or just wanted the information. Thanks

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