Christmas with You (A Joey Richter Christmas Love Story)

Christmas with You (A Joey Richter Christmas Love Story)

Merry Christmas Fellow Starkiddies!!!!!
I hope you all enjoy this very Starkid Christmas love story!
Please comment and rate what you think, I really appreciate all your comments :)
It will probably end up being a few chapters long :)
Hope all of you have a totally awesome Christmas and a supermegafoxyawesomehot new year!!
Love you guys like Ron loves redvines and since he likes them more than Herman Monster that's alot!
Love Jess

Chapter 1

Christmas Eve Eve

When I was little I use to believe in Christmas magic, I use to lie on the couch waiting to get a sneak peek at Santa and I use to leave cookies and milk out and even carrots and water for the reindeers.
Now i'm 21, since then alot has changed, My christmas magic is no longer found in the form of a chubby man with a long white beard and a red suit it now is in the form of a tall man with long hair and a slightly crooked jaw.
I was sitting in the Starkid mansion with Julia and Lauren watching some old christmas movies on t.v.
It was the day before christmas eve, as Lauren likes to call it christmas eve eve!
All the Starkid boys were out doing last minute christmas shopping, MEN! well except Darren and Joe, Darren was cuddled up with Kate next to the chimney and Joe was with his girlfriend Ash sitting at the table playing poker. Well Ash was playing poker, Joe was losing.
Meredith and Denise were upstairs wrapping gifts, every once in while one of them would run downstairs for a new supply of sticky tape or a bandaid, apparently Meredith had a little accident with the scissors.
"I'm going to have a shower" I announced, I got up and began to walk to the bathroom when Lauren pushed me out of the way and ran past me.
"I'll beat you someday Lopez!" I yelled
"Highly unlikely" she laughed as she closed the bathroom door and hopped in the shower
I trudged back to the lounge and grabbed out my iPod. I laid down on my side and before I knew it I was asleep.

I blinked my eyes sleepily, I felt myself being carried by someone, I looked up to see the man I loved more than anyone, Joey.
"It's okay, go back to sleep" he whispered as he placed me in his bed and slowly lifted the sheets over me
"What time is it" I whispered sleepily
"2:am" he smiled "Now get some rest" He kissed me on my forehead and slowly got into bed beside me
"I love you" I yawned before turning to face him
"I love you more" he whispered pulling me into a hug
I snuggled into his warm chest and happily fell to sleep, wondering what magic christmas eve would have in store...............

Hey guys!
Hope you like it so far :D
If you haven't already read the box under the heading :) It basically says all that I needed to say here
Love you guys
Love Jess

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