My New Direction~ A One Direction Love Story

My New Direction~ A One Direction Love Story

Hello! I love One Direction, HARRY, So I hope you enjoy. This character is exactly me, except I don't think I that pretty!

Chapter 1


by: Stylinson
Name: Mia Reece Rae
Age: 15
Eyes: Very cark brown
Hair: Short chocolate brown
Height: 5' 6"
Skin: Slightly tan
Personality: Lovable, charming, luring. Funny and Cheeky, can be vengful.
Friends: Remi Prince, Katie Holl (Live in the same building)
Life: Lives with parents but are rarely home, older sister moved out.
Part Time Job: Nearby News agent
Pet: Black-brown cat, Mimi
Extra: Has glasses for reading / writing. Heaps of people say she's stunning but disagrees.
Traits: Know-it-all, can be lazy, stubborn.


I woke up and had a quick shower before changing into this and heading out the door. Another nine o'clock shift. As I leaft the house I saw that someone was finally moving into the suite across from us. I live in a suite, yes. I peered in the door and saw them setting up a plasma and gaming system. Boys. I made way for the lift and jumped in. Then I heard a loud shout.
I stuck my hand in the gap and the doors opened again. Two boys walked in. One with black spiked hair and the other with a more boyish version of Justin Beiber hair.
"Thanks!" They exclaimed.
"No problem." I muttered.
"I'm Liam Payne, by the way." Said the one with spikey hair.
"Mia Rae." I said shaking his hand.
"Zayne Malik." The other introduced.
The lift was quiet and awkward for a moment.
"So are you two moving into number 711?" I asked.
"Yeh, us and the band. One direction. There's Harry, Liam, Louis, me and him." Liam said.
I nodded.
"I bet I'll see you around." I said before stepping out.
"I hope so." Liam said.
I walked down the chilly street and entered the agency to find Remi behind the counter. It was great to work with my best friends.
"Hey!" I grinned.
"You're late." She stated.
"Elevator." I muttered.
I pulled of my bag and stashed it in the staff room. I pinned on my badge and stood behind the counter with her.
"What happened?" She asked.
"Some guys are moving in across from us." I said.
"I only met two. They're in a boy band and I guess they would be appealing. Not the best I've seen though." I explained.
She nodded and scanned the books.
"Kate and I will have to meet the this arvo!" She laughed.

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