Don't Leave me (a Justin Bieber love story)

Hey! First id like to thank you for reading this story. This is a love story about Madison Claire Pugh who is 13 years and Justin bieber who is 13 and has not been discovered yet.

Chapter 1

The Beginning

Madison Claire Pugh
Blonde Hair
Blue Eyes

Zack Callett
Blonde Shaggy hair
Big Brown eyes

Just looking at how perfect he is makes me think how lucky I am to have Zack.The first time i saw him was 3 years ago. i was walking to school in my home country Canada and i saw this good-lookin boy. He had amazing hair. I started talking to him. He was my age! I was so excited!
Well lets just say we've been together ever since that day. So me and Zack were just sitting on my couch we decided to watch TV we fought for about 10 mintues on what to watch because we Dont have the same intrest in shows he likes sports and i like Drama.
I finally gave in and we watched football ugh i really don not get the point of this game!!! The game was over and I went in the kitchen to go get some popcorn when i came back Zack suggested a food fight haha i beat him!!!! we were just talking then his face all of a sudden got pale, out of nowhere he said, " I gotta go!" and he rushed out the door. That was weird i thought as i was cleaning up the popcorn we ate. Oh well ill see him later.
I looked out the window and saw a moving van.
Wow someone is finally moving into that huge mansion across the street! I mean it wasnt a mansion but it was a huge house for our neighborhood. My house was just a two story normal house not very fancy.
but anyways, i decided to go see the new neighbors who knows they might have cute son! OMG OMG I can not believe i was just thing tha crazy insane thought i mean im totally and completely and totally in L-O-V-E with Zack i have been for years i mean he's the one!
Ugh i pushed that thought straight out of my head i'll deal with it for later. After a couple mintues of fighting with myself about wheather or not to go over their i thought it would be the friendly thing to do was bake some cookies and take them over there oh wait im not good at cooking so i just wont take anything
so i went and got a coat on because in the middle of november in Canada you would be dead if you steped outside with no coat on! i got my coat on opened the door and as I steped out i saw...

Authors Note: who do u think it's gonna be??? hah sorry first time writer here but anyways sorry it's so short ill write bunches next time!!!! Promise! Love Ya(:

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