Deep In The Woods (Jacob Black)

Another one from my old account. I'm adding a ton more detail to them so they aren't to plain. :3
Mckenzie Cadee:

Chapter 1


A few hours ago I was boarding my plane to visit my best friend, and hopefully stay with them for a bit. I passed time by simply sleeping and reading. The plane finally landed and I was very excited to get off this plane. I pulled out my headphones and stretched as the plane finally landed. People were lining up to get off, I figured I could wait and patiently waited until the last person. I was finally off and grabbing my luggage. I was searching for Jacob. Right as I turned around Jacob was coming off an escalator and walking towards me. I was shaking with excitement.
"JACOBB!!!!" I yelled.
"MACK!!" He said back instantly hugging me. I settled my head on his chest and squeezed him as hard as I could.
"My god Jacob! It's been such a long time, 2 years!? Right? Geez I swear you grew" I said. He laughed and put his heavy hand around my waist pulling me close to him.
"Well that is the truth. I hit my growth spurt obviously" he said chuckling. He gave me the You-should-be-guilty-for-not-seeing-me-earlier-look
"I know! It's been TOO long, I missed you so much" I say as I wrap my arms around him again.
"I missed you too, let me grab your bags." He insisted.
"No!" I said laughing.
"Why not?" he said, sounding confused
"Just because" i smiled He picked me up and threw me over his shoulder laughing and grabbed my luggage with one arm leaving a bag behind. I couldn't stop laughing.
"Jacob you're forgetting a bag" I said through gasps of laughter. He set me down and went to grab it. He slowly walked towards me. He gave me a peck on the cheek and smiled. I couldn't help but blush
"What was that for?" I asked blushing while walking through the airport.
"Sorry, it felt right" He took a deep breath and let it all out again.
"Sure did" I whispered, hoping he didn't hear it. He laughed.
"Good" he whispered into my ear. I laughed and pushed him away.
"So what have I missed while I was away?" I asked.
"Oh I got a girlfriend..." He started.
"What!?" I interrupted.
"I was kidding, the right girl hasn't walked into my life just yet" He said with a slight mischievous smile playing on his lips. I shook my head.
"She'll come" I reassured him.
"I know, she already has" he said smiling leading the way to the car.
"What?" I ask confused
"Oh did I say something?" he winked, and I was left speechless as always with him.

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