Random facts about me ;D

Chapter 1


1. I'm obsessed with the Ninja turtles
2. Bob is my purple flying monkey ;D
3. It's hard for me to trust people
4. I read the whole twilight series in a week
5. I hate it when twilight and Harry Potter fans argue. They are nothing alike. It's like comparing oranges to apple
6. Taylor Swift is my fave singer
7. My first concert was a Hilary Duff concert
8. I always wanted to see the Lion King on Broadway.
9. Purple is an awesome color
10. My fave animal is a koala
11. Mythogical creature is a Unicorn
12. Tell me I can't do something I'll prove you wrong
13. Ive been hurt too many times
14 I've hurt people in the past
15. I wish I could fly
16. I hate it when people try to act like someone else
17. My fave muppet is animal
18. I love reading
19. I'm very sensitive
20. I'm a country girl
21. Movies about football or horses are my fave
22. I'm always pulling pranks
23. There is only a certain number of people that I trust
24. I love it when people gives me a nickname
25. The Houston Texans are my fave football team.

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