Dragon Warrior

Chapter 1


2000 years ago in the land of Searn (pronounced like Sears, but with an n at the and), it would have seemed like the perfect place to live. There was plenty of land for everyone, and the weather was always beautiful, so crops grew in abundance. The people were content with their normal lives.
Unfortunately for them, they did not know about the evil lurking in the darkness of the Farlands. Jealous of the lands glorious beauty and riches, Narcelnis (sounds like "are sell this") commanded his army of zombie-like followers to attack.
It was a swift, quick blow. The Searnths lost before they even knew they were fighting. His troops were brutal killing machines, the poor victims of another invaded land turned into mindless servants. They had had their minds erased of all thoughts except one: obey. Even past the point of exhaustion, they would hack away at the Searnth soldiers to complete their assignment, able to go for days, even weeks, without food or water.The Searnths never stood a chance.
Satisfied that it was under his control, Narcelnis divided the broken country into 9 smaller kingdoms (fire, earth, ocean, lightning, shadow, dragon, and light) and placed citizens into the groups based on abilities they possessed. If they did not fit any category, they became a Shelnas ("shell ness"), one of Narcelnis's troops.
Each kingdom was given a gem. If it were ever taken, they would loss all connection to the world and they, too, would become Shelnas.
Soon, the warriors became loyal to only their kingdoms. Many attempts to assasinate the leader of another kingdom and steal the gem were made, but all ended in failure.
As tensions grew, only the dragon kingdom remembered the land before the war. From generation to generation, the stories were passed down. They remembered the peace and beauty of the country, and secretly remained outside Narcelnis's grasp.
That is, until 10 years ago, when a headstrong dragon leader snapped after an assasination attempt aimed at him. Taking up his sword, he lead the dragon warriors to battle against Narcelnis. He thought the other kingdoms would rise with him and help him fight off the so-called king.
He was wrong.
The dragon warriors were slaughtered. Only a mother and the last two dragon children were left, and the troops were soon following her. Frightened, she left the children behind, one her daughter, the other a friend's son. The last full-grown dragon warrior died holding off the attackers, just long enough for the two three-year-olds to escape.
The daughter, Elizabeth, found a home in the once-radiant forests of Searn, using skills she had learned from the kingdom's healer. The son, Tyson, somehow found his way onto a seperate planet entirely, his dragon abilities using magic far greater than any previous warrior to hide him from the grief Searn brought.
Although he was another world away, the call of the elegant forests of Searn called for him in dreams of long supressed memories, even after 10 years.


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