Chapter 1

Rammstein is cool

by: Herzeleid
Height: 6'2
Shoe Size: 7 1/2
Séxual Orientation: Bi
Do you Smoke?: sometimes
Do you Drink?: no
Do you Take Drugs?: No

Age you get mistaken for: Old enough to attend college... wtf?
Real age: 14
Have Tattoos?: No

Want any tattoos?: yes, but I change my mind a lot so i cant really get any xD

Got any Piercings?: Ears!
Want any (more) piercings?: yeah. labret and eyebrow.

Relationship status: one sided love :/

Favorite Movie: The nightmare before christmas

Someone you miss: Alex
A fact about your personality: I'm f...ed up
What I hate most about myself: Im too trusting and its easy to break me
What I love most about myself: Im a good friend
What I want to be when I get older: Richard Kruspe's wife.

My relationship with my parents: Mediocre, leaning towards the good side but still x)

What I hate the most about school: the people

What my last text message says: I am Staz, Richard Kruspe's bride, therefore I outrank you. I said no.
What word upset me the most: The phrase "Rammstein are (I cant bring myself to say it. N***), poverty, betrayal.

What words make me feel the best: Rammstein, Richard, best friend

A wish that I’ve wished for repeatedly: To find love and meet Richard
What I find attractive in guys: Many things...

Where I would like to live: NYC

My childhood career choice: doctor

My favorite ice cream: Vanilla or cookies and crwam.

Who I wish I could be: L.'s gf, Richard's gf or the girl whose smile isn't fake.

Where I want to be right now: a Rammstein concert or a party with my best friends. Or a Rammstein afterparty with them! o yea :)

The last thing I ate: A muffin

Favorite band: Rammstein
Favorite of all time: Rammstein
Favorite of today in time: Rammstein, Oomph!, Emigrate, KMFDM, Combichrist, All American Rejects.

Four favorite male artists: Richard Kruspe, Till Lindemann, Cristoph Schneder and Paul Landers
Three favorite female artists: ... i don't have any :/
Amy Lee and Lyn Z are alright i guess...

Artist with the most influence on my life: Richard Kruspe
Top 20 favorite songs of all time:

1. Spieluhr
2. Haifisch
3. Rosenrot
4. Krank
5. Augen Auf/ Ready or not
6. Traumst Du
7. Asche zu Asche
8. Heirate mich
9. Emigrate
10. Babe
11. Love Song (by the Cure)
12. It ends tonight
13. Rammlied
14. Sonne
15. Links 2 3 4
16. Mein Teil
17. Mutter
18. Ich Will
19. Engel
20. Du hast

Ten favorite actors:
1. Adam Sandler
2. Eddie Murphy
3. Kevin Costner
4. i give up

Five favorite actresses: (I am so out of it) idk

Favorite color: Silver and black
Favorite animal: Wolf
Favorite hair color: Black or dark red.
Favorite gender: idk

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